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Have you got your kids anything for Christmas that you secretly want yourself? Lighthearted.

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glutten4punishment Tue 20-Nov-18 09:49:00

I confess - I got DD(5) Twisty Petz as one of her gifts for Christmas, not because she asked for them but because I think they're the cutest things ever! blush

I know she'll love them. I mean, they're pets AND bracelets, amazing!! She hasn't asked for much (2 things) so I've had to think of little gifts she might like. TPs just are a little bit more of a selfish purchase!

Anyone else?!

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GiveMeAllTheGin8 Tue 20-Nov-18 09:51:11

Polly pockets 🙈

glutten4punishment Tue 20-Nov-18 09:53:49

Omg, I LOVED Polly Pockets as a kid! Back in the day when they were really tiny and you could actually fit a fair amount of them in your pocket!

They were part of my Christmas and birthday asks for quite a few years.

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user187656748 Tue 20-Nov-18 09:54:12

I'm not sure their chocolate oranges will ever make it into their stockings...

glutten4punishment Tue 20-Nov-18 09:55:09

@user187656748 - I almost choked on my tea!! 😂

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Toddlerteaplease Tue 20-Nov-18 10:03:23

I asked my dad who our train and mechano sets were really for! I was right they were for his benefit. We loved them too!

trixymalixy Tue 20-Nov-18 10:06:43

Harry Potter lego.

Last year I bought DD the lego carousel, but it was secretly for me!

Ggirl27 Tue 20-Nov-18 10:08:43

I've bought mine 3D pens - and I can't wait to use them grin

Weezol Tue 20-Nov-18 10:11:33

I don't have any kids, but I'm giving serious thought to buying myself a Millenium Falcon for Christmas. I've wanted one for 36 years.

Parmaviolets13 Tue 20-Nov-18 10:12:30

I bought my nephews a dinosaur lamp each from firebox. Have a look, they're so cute I want one!

glutten4punishment Tue 20-Nov-18 10:14:28

@Toddlerteaplease - mechano was amazing but sadly never entered our household.

@Ggirl27 - I've just googled 3D pens as I didn't know they existed and now I, sorry my v young kids, NEED!!

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Ggirl27 Tue 20-Nov-18 10:30:41

@glutten4punishment I might have got them out of their boxes already just to make sure they work blush - they're awesome!

Bumbumtaloo Tue 20-Nov-18 10:44:36

We may or may not have bought a Nintendo Switch with MarioKart 8 to have secret battles against each other when the DD’s are in bed....

glutten4punishment Tue 20-Nov-18 12:39:56

@Weezol - go for it! What are you waiting for? Before you know it, another 36 years will go by with that little bit of you feeling incomplete because you never got one. Do it! 2018 is your year!

@Ggirl27 - well obvs. It's a MUST to make sure children's Christmas gifts are in full working order before the big day. Imagine the disappoint if they didn't!

@Bumbumtaloo - another trip down memory lane. Been about 22 years at least since I've played Mario or Sonic. Looking forward to my DCs being old enough so me and DH can do the same!

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PlayingForKittens Tue 20-Nov-18 12:43:10

Lego mostly. Though I've not bought most of it. They are getting lots of the Harry potter Lego from various relatives including the great hall and the Hogwarts express and I'm so, so incredibly jealous. They had better let me play with it!

SixToEightInchesOfSnow Tue 20-Nov-18 12:44:55

Also the Harry Potter Lego.

DelurkingAJ Tue 20-Nov-18 12:54:36

Lego here too...I’m sad that DSs aren’t old enough for the Harry Potter Lego yet so I’ve had to be satisfied with buying DS1 the Xmas train.

CocoDeMoll Tue 20-Nov-18 12:56:03

I’m buying dd a grow your own crystal tree. It’s not for me at all and definetly for her.....

Funnyface1 Tue 20-Nov-18 13:11:21

I bought some magnetic tiles for building little structures and robots and stuff. Dh was very enthusiastic when he saw them and declared that he really can't wait for Christmas this year.

Dd is too small yet for Barbie and Polly pocket but in a few years I'll be buying for the two of us!

Bumbumtaloo Tue 20-Nov-18 13:19:51

@glutten4punishment Can’t wait grin

My husband loves playing with, sorry helping build, the Lego our DD’s get.

Stabbitha Tue 20-Nov-18 13:49:33

Reminds me of the time me and my Brother got a PlayStation and Spyro the Dragon for Christmas.

Got it out the box, set it up. What? Spyro it's over 50% complete!

It was my Dad, he was playing it at night while we were in bed.

Willow2017 Tue 20-Nov-18 13:54:38

Reeces pieces platter.
COD Black Ops 4 (Maybe I can sneak up to their bedroom while they are at school)

Mookatron Tue 20-Nov-18 13:57:22

YES a badge maker and as I bought it from a long distance ebay seller I thought I had better try it out to check it works. It's ace. I'm desperate to make more!

Vicious2018 Tue 20-Nov-18 14:21:53

I like the Lego sets we got for dc. I am too lazy to build them though.

Vicious2018 Tue 20-Nov-18 14:31:01

Weesol my dh is going to get millenium falcon for his birthday in January. Our ds loves it too, but wouldn't get that for him because he tends to break his sets and loose pieces. Dh got Lego Apollo last year at his birthday.

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