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Indian Takeaway for Christmas Dinner

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wasthataburp Sat 11-Aug-18 06:48:31

I will be 38 weeks pregnant so we are thinking just staying home and getting Indian food. Anyone ever done this?

I think what we will have to do it get it the night before and heat in the oven on the day.

Nishky Sat 11-Aug-18 06:56:47

We did. I can’t remember where we got it from but heated it up Christmas Day. It was lovely!

HollyBollyBooBoo Sat 11-Aug-18 07:00:53

Sounds gorgeous and a great idea!

toolazytothinkofausername Sat 11-Aug-18 07:06:43

Brilliant idea smile I'd prefer Chinese but each to their own.

BirdyBedtime Sat 11-Aug-18 07:09:04

Absolutely! Me and DCs had a Chinese takeaway last Christmas as DH was working and I didn't want the faff of cooking. Would do it again. Delivered fresh from our local restaurant which is open in the day.

Fstar Mon 13-Aug-18 20:39:42

Yes, our indian restaurants are fully booked christmas day and so just have to order and pick up, brilliant.

TheHobbitMum Mon 13-Aug-18 20:41:27

We've done that exact same thing before it was fabulous! We had 4 under 5.5yrs so wanted to spend Christmas Day with them rather than cooking. We ordered it the night before, cooled it down and refrigerated it all. Reheated in the oven for lunch, bliss! Absolutely worth doing grin

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