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Christmas Bargain Thread 1

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Reastie Sun 05-Aug-18 05:42:16

<pulls up a chair and hands around cake >

Welcome all to the 2018 Christmas bargain threads. Once it gets underway I’ll start compiling some of the main links to put in the next thread, if you have a link you’d like me to stick in please let me know.


Reastie Sun 05-Aug-18 05:42:47

Oh, and forgot to say, thanks to chips as usual!

NoWordForFluffy Sun 05-Aug-18 06:37:33

Exciting times!

Thanks, Reastie. fgrin

Rhonda2301 Sun 05-Aug-18 06:40:40

santacan't wait

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Sun 05-Aug-18 06:40:49

Morning all!

AlonsoTigerHeart Sun 05-Aug-18 06:40:51

<settles in>

How many posts till we get
‘but it’s summer’
‘ stop wishing time away’

orlandobbb Sun 05-Aug-18 06:56:43

Marks place

RosieposiePuddingandPi Sun 05-Aug-18 07:04:41

I woke up feeling really grumpy today but this has renewed my happy spirit grin

FireflyGirl Sun 05-Aug-18 07:24:00

Woohoo! And so it begins... grin

Thanks Reastie!

BadgerFace Sun 05-Aug-18 07:25:43

And there was me wondering how to fill my Love Islandless time - shopping bargains it is! Thanks to the poster on the Hatchimals nursery £10 off tip - present 1 purchased.

I’m on the look out for a 1m+ unicorn for DD2 if anyone sees ones. She is eyeing up DD1’s Robert now she is 2.5. Robert was such a bargain a few years ago (Although as a few if you may remember, I was a bit disappointed by the length of his horn...) grin

pannikin Sun 05-Aug-18 07:27:56

Definitely following these threads! We are buying and moving into a house that will be ready in December, so to say Christmas will be on the tight side is a slight understatement!

woodwaj Sun 05-Aug-18 07:28:58

Hi all. Settling in for year 4 with you! Made a list last night of who to buy for feeling a bit clueless about what to get people this year!!

ZIGGY911 Sun 05-Aug-18 08:07:15

How to make my morning. Searched for the old thread to make sure I didn’t miss Reasties return and it’s here!

tangoed2 Sun 05-Aug-18 08:11:23

My first year joining this and I hope it inspires me to become more organised for Christmas, DS will be 2 on the 23rd December so lots to get!

Notasyoungasiwas Sun 05-Aug-18 08:23:47

Just come over from the prequel - first year for me too! 🎅🏻

woodwaj Sun 05-Aug-18 08:25:40

Best price on boggle and a everyone needs a train for the tree?!

MissRainbowBrite Sun 05-Aug-18 08:28:11

Yay, first Christmas Bargains thread.

Badgerface Home Bargains is the best place for a giant Robert unicorn. They have a medium one and extra large which is usually about £20 if I remember correctly.

OhHolyFuck Sun 05-Aug-18 08:33:02

Amazon also doing a 3 for 2

and you don't need to leave the house unlike Argos

Bellabutterfly2016 Sun 05-Aug-18 08:35:10

Love a good Christmas bargain! We're seriously cutting down this year tho we just can't afford it with new baby coming too.
Plus we just get over-run with stuff we don't actually need and just buy to wrap up to be opened!!

imsorryiasked Sun 05-Aug-18 08:36:11

Mm thanks for the cake Reastie

Argos have 3 for 2 on loads of toys including lego
Designafriend and bikes & scooters

RuggerHug Sun 05-Aug-18 08:38:19

Yes yes YES!!! I always end up seeing these too late so hopefully this year I'll be able to get sorted. I have a fair bit done already but already got twitchy at the spreadsheet yesterday when I saw what was left!

yourmyforever Sun 05-Aug-18 08:40:07

Marking my place.. these threads saved me from lots of panic buying last year!

justtowarm Sun 05-Aug-18 08:44:49

I love these threads smile

Playmobil farm advent calendar 12.99 in the Argos clearance on eBay smile

Not a super bargain but better than getting one later in the year smile

imsorryiasked Sun 05-Aug-18 08:44:58

Amazon are running a 3 for 2 promotion on toys as well follow this link

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Sun 05-Aug-18 08:52:40

Thanks for mentions for Amazon 3 for 2. Quite a few things from my list are included.

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