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It's almost Christmas in July time - Christmas Countdown 2018 part 4

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BiddyPop Mon 18-Jun-18 10:42:07

I believe it's day 190

HOW did we get past the 200 mark so fast? And only 12 Days until Christmas in July starts, for anyone who celebrates that.

BiddyPop Mon 18-Jun-18 10:52:26

I had a slightly quieter weekend for a change - saw DH and DD off at 6am on Saturday (another sailing event) but I had no cover for Cubs so had to stay for that. I ended up in a small row boat rather than the motor boat, and with a stiff breeze, I ended up getting quite a workout! But the Cubs are very excited for Camp next weekend.

Otherwise, I got my new car sorted out mostly (we'd been looking vaguely for a while, missed a nice one last weekend, but spotted another to look at after Cubs and bought that, DH collected it midweek). It's got plenty of space for camping gear too!! DH was afraid I'd take his - as my old car was a mini, but this is a small estate car with a decent sized boot (Audi A3 I think - it's red, petrol and automatic, so I guess 2 out of 3 ain't bad - I prefer manual).

And caught up on house stuff. I was going to sew quite a bit, but sorting things took longer than I expected. And I decided not to rush it. I have a whole 10 days when DD is on Scout camp later in the summer to leave sewing projects out to do after work.

Work is another manic week ahead, but I have a list and will get things done!!

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 18-Jun-18 11:06:43

Hello Biddy. It looks like new cars are on the cards for a few of us Christmas planners. I've just test driven a new Polo. I wasn't overwhelmed - I think I'm going to look at other cars of a similar size.

BiddyPop Mon 18-Jun-18 11:49:32

Hi Woolly, I used to have a golf a few years back, and we had a Passat a few years before that again when we shared a car - both VWs were great. I really loved my Mini (an '06 reg), but it just didn't have enough carrying capacity for me anymore. My first car of my own was a Fiesta, it was slightly smaller than the Golf but quite nice to drive. I suspect the kit has improved a bit in recent years (mine was an '03, and basic).

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Mon 18-Jun-18 14:28:12

If Red finds us, I was going to ask if she has a handwash setting on her machine. It's what I wash the 2 Bears on.

Saw DD off on the coach, dropped DS2 off, bus ride to the psychotherapist, back to Sainsbury's, had a spicy beanburger, sweet potato fries and side salad. 😋🍔🍟

SideOrderofSprouts Mon 18-Jun-18 16:40:16

Oh bugger I
Missed it

BiddyPop Mon 18-Jun-18 17:38:33

Sorry Sprouts! 🤶

Or should that be a Christmas 👼?!


NoWordForFluffy Mon 18-Jun-18 17:42:53

Ooh. New thread. That crept up on me somewhat!

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Mon 18-Jun-18 17:47:47

Picked DS2 up, had king prawn makhani for supper, doing a wash. 😋🍤👔👕👖

Mrsmadevans Mon 18-Jun-18 18:05:57

Evening all grin
Naice new thread thank you Biddy flowers
Am exhausted , been looking at cars all day but think we have narrowed it down to a Hyundai Tucson estate , hopefully be having it on Thursday or Friday if all things go well , fingers crossed grin
Am just going to make a naice cuppa and settle down to watch the England match
Engerland , Engerland, Engerland !! football
Have a great evening all smile

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Mon 18-Jun-18 18:43:04

A tweet from the school at 2.40: "The children have arrived safe and sound, they're already on their way to the fair!" 😆

DS2 will go to bed at 7.30. 😴

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 19-Jun-18 00:32:25


That's great PSB. DS is off to PGL next month. I'll miss him but I won't miss the school run.

I'm up sewing bunting for our house warming at the weekend. Only 6 flags to go...

NoWordForFluffy Tue 19-Jun-18 06:51:15

Ahhhhh. I love the sound of your bunting, Woolly!

Shame I'm not down, I could've gate crashed your party, ha ha! 😂

Nice and sunny here today. I was asleep before 8.30 last night, so all feels better with the world today!

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 19-Jun-18 09:00:12

You'd have been very welcome Fluffy

It's a sort of celebrate everything party. DS gets confirmed this week and DD1 qualifies as a teacher plus the new house. I will probably be very quiet on Sunday morning 🍸

NoWordForFluffy Tue 19-Jun-18 09:09:52

Ah, sounds lovely! Congratulations all round.

Where is DD going to teach next year?

DD is 5 on Saturday so I think we are off to the Lakes for the day. Totally the wrong direction!

Mrsmadevans Tue 19-Jun-18 09:40:51

Morning all smile
Off to town for the market and to drop a lot of bags off to the Cat protection league, Mum had a turn out bless her .
Walk along Goytre Wharf as well and home to give the parents lunch l hope at ours , hopefully the first time Dad drives to us on a long while , he has been driving about a bit but not come to us yet , keep all things crossed star
Have a lovely day everyone smile

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 19-Jun-18 09:47:16

Do you go to Lytham at all Fluffy? My lot have loved it there - beach, paddling pool, the pier and the park are all perfect for under tens.

NoWordForFluffy Tue 19-Jun-18 09:55:52

We haven't been, Woolly. My friend takes her slightly-older daughter though. We should check it out at some point!

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Tue 19-Jun-18 10:21:57

I still have the school run Woolly. 😭 We can get up later though, as I only have one DC to chase into the bathroom! 😆 DS2 was very disappointed that there's no PE this morning, the teacher's at Butlins! 😭

I've just a big breakfast and a banana. 😋🍳🍌

Redgreencoverplant Tue 19-Jun-18 10:24:49

I found you! Sully is recovering on the washing line, thank you for the tips smile

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Tue 19-Jun-18 10:29:45

He looks very clean! Good job! star

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 19-Jun-18 10:41:50

Poor Sully 😂

DS used to sit on the floor and watch the (very imaginatively named) Teddy go round and round in the washing machine. I could never peg him out as he couldn't be parted from him long enough to let him dry naturally so he had to go in the dryer. I only washed him on rainy days grin

BiddyPop Tue 19-Jun-18 10:45:55

MrsMad your new car sounds great for all the running around you do for everyone else, I hope you enjoy it!

RedGreen Sully seems to have come out well, I hope he fully regrets his actions now in getting in the way, although maybe he enjoyed his spa day (Swedish massage and sauna combined!) grin

Perfectly enjoy the relative peace!

Woolly that sounds like a lovely weekend of celebrations (I am particularly impressed that you are planning a quiet Sunday morning - should we send supplies of orange juice and painkillers in advance?!).

After one hectic day yesterday, today is looking slightly less hectic. Work was one of those days where it was 110 MPH on 50 different things at once - so a brain melt of a day (but got lots done and cleared!). DH needed a hand to lift the boat off the car on my way home. DD came home with her "leaving gift" project from school - an embroidery/sewing thing that the teacher had left until the last minute and needed the DCs to finish off at home last night. So I was teaching her how to use the sewing machine before running out to the (hopefully last!) Committee meeting related to school. I had to leave there just as the meeting was ending to collect DM off the bus, have dinner and then was up until almost midnight sorting out quasi-legal stuff for her. (And the trains were busy both ways, standing only and horrible spots, so no knitting to decompress at all...)

Today, I've got slightly more control over the day's work, and far less on the agenda tonight. I have no dinner prep done (and while DM suggested she buy a takeaway, we've eaten too many recently) - but I can do a relatively easy one when I get home. DD has Scouts, and DH needs an early night for a flight tomorrow morning. DM should have the court stuff finished (it's to do with an organization she's part of, not directly aimed at her, it's just the paperwork and, well, women in a group can be bitchy). And I did get my "nice" train this morning, with a seat, so another 10 rows onto the commuting scarf!

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Tue 19-Jun-18 10:49:16

Woolly DS2 has 2 Bears, Clean Bear and Dirty Bear. Dirty Bear gets washed on a Tuesday.

This is Clean Bear:

BiddyPop Tue 19-Jun-18 10:55:51

I'd have loved a DC who would sit still and watch the washing machine like that!!

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