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Anyone started prep for 2018?

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cheesemumma Thu 01-Mar-18 07:33:21

I know I must be crazy but bought matching Xmas jumpers for the family in the next sale last week and booked our panto tickets.

Got to admit a little excited already.

What does anyone else do throughout the year?

Stompythedinosaur Thu 01-Mar-18 16:55:55

I've started a list for presents.

I've boxed up some things I bought for Xmas 17 to give Xmas 18 as they seemed a bit too much.

That's it so far!

73kittycat73 Thu 01-Mar-18 18:52:40

I have bought three small presents already, but I haven't kept to my resolution to wrap as I go. blush
Apart from that might watch Arthur Christmas later. smile

Ski40 Thu 01-Mar-18 20:54:37

Hi! Whatever month of the year it is, I am always doing something christmassy because nothing in the world cheers me up like it!
So far I have bought a gorgeous giant reindeer head for this year's display and some new frosted dark green tinsel.
I am gathering a new batch of pinecones for my Xmas decorations. I paint or glitter them through the year.
I am sourcing new recipes from my collection of Christmas with Southern Living books and thinking up menus as I host a lot at Xmas.
I have started a new Pinterest board with ideas for this year.
I have bought some cards and wrapping paper in last year's clearance sales.
I have started to gather goodies to put in my DIY crackers.
I try to keep a Christmassy feel in my house all through the year. There is a lot of red downstairs and I always have apple spice Glade candles going and fairy lights here and there.
The only downside is by November I'm all Christmassed out lol. 🤣

Nicpem1982 Thu 01-Mar-18 20:57:23

Christmas jumpers are bought
Panto tickets booked
Wrapping paper bought
Dds school cards bought

1969angel Thu 01-Mar-18 21:01:45

I get o excited have. made a list and paid first month to park hampers oh and decided on turkey wellington for crimbo lunch lol

1969angel Thu 01-Mar-18 21:04:10

My dd moving out soon so will have a proper dining room so.once she gets moved will decorate and buy gifts every month

Pixie2015 Thu 01-Mar-18 21:04:27

Have the panto tickets always buy year in advance - some nice cards and expensive wrapping paper in sale - few pressies for children already stashed away x

NoWordForFluffy Fri 02-Mar-18 00:48:22

I bought the jumpers and t-shirts in the sales for the kids. I've also bought the crackers, cards and wrapping paper.

Santa train tickets were bought in January. I'm hoarding Nectar points for this year's food (almost at £170 already!).

I love Christmas!

cheesemumma Fri 02-Mar-18 06:38:22

Wow! At @ski40 that's impressive. Glad I'm not alone! I'm moving country next month so can't really start prezzie shopping till then but fully intend to. @73kittycat73 wrapping as you go is a great idea. Will help to avoid the Christmas Eve panic. @1969angel are the park hampers thing worth it? @nowordforfluffy santa train sounds good fun. Might Google it.

Me too. I love it. I think I love the prep and anticipation more than the day!

NoWordForFluffy Fri 02-Mar-18 06:42:01

We do the one at Lakeside and Haverthwaite. There's a good few round the country though. Where vaguely are you?

cheesemumma Fri 02-Mar-18 06:51:45

East Anglia

Ski40 Fri 02-Mar-18 07:12:58

I love to hear everyone else's prep ideas 😍😍

NoWordForFluffy Fri 02-Mar-18 07:53:28

Apparently there's the North Norfolk Railway which does them if you're that far east. Otherwise Nene Valley if you're more Peterborough way.

Castleway Fri 02-Mar-18 08:37:57

Xmas jumpers purchased in sales as well as a couple of gifts (clothes for DS and his cousin in the relevant size). Also started saving with the savings club in work.
Last year was our first Christmas in our new house (and DS's first Christmas) and we realised that our existing Christmas tree just didn't seem big enough for the new front room so we moved it into the kitchen and bought a bigger one for the front room.
I've decided the kitchen tree can henceforth become DS's (and any future children's) tree and he/they can choose decorations for it each year and it can also have anything they make in nursery/school on it smile I'm quite excited to build up the decoration collection on it, like DP and I have done on the existing tree over the years.

cheesemumma Fri 02-Mar-18 10:27:19

Oooo @castleway I've done a similar thing. I bought some beautiful felt ornaments for our daughter to have a tree next year. I got them in the sale from debenhams. OH thought I was crazy but I'll know he will love it when it's set up next year. I was thinking of putting it in her bedroom. She'll only be 20months (and probably still in our room). So don't know where it'll go. So sweet though.

NoWordForFluffy Fri 02-Mar-18 10:30:23

I got a little tree last year for the kids (4ft) so I can have my tasteful tree and they get the decorated in the dark tree!

1969angel Fri 02-Mar-18 11:49:38

Ive used park hampers.for past four years never a problem

Castleway Fri 02-Mar-18 13:18:21

@cheesemumma that sounds lovely and I'm sure your little one with love it - my DS will be 20 months at Christmas too!

@NoWordForFluffy, yes they were my thoughts exactly!! grin

NoWordForFluffy Fri 02-Mar-18 13:30:08


cheesemumma Fri 02-Mar-18 15:10:33

@castleway really? I've why I'm so excited for this year. Hopefully we will have bought our first home and DD will be much more aware of everything this year. We will also be moving back to uk so will get the big build up which I have missed for the last 6 years. Eeek I'm excited. Only 10 more months wink

May have a look at the hampers. My mum always use to get them when we were little. I remember opening them. It was so exciting. And may be goid o spread the cost!

Allthepinkunicorns Fri 02-Mar-18 15:49:53

Christmas jumpers/t-shirts and pyjamas were bought in the sales in January. I also got some lovely crafty bits for my ds in the range in January. I've got Santa's letters and elf accessories as well. I buy a couple of presents every Month so I don't have to go shopping in December unless I really want to. I just need to book our santa visit and start putting money away for the food shop. I love planning for Christmas santa

Castleway Fri 02-Mar-18 17:30:03

Awww good look with the big move @cheesemumma! It's going to be so exciting this year isn't it grin

Castleway Fri 02-Mar-18 17:30:17

*luck even!!!

FollowYourOwnNorthStar Sat 03-Mar-18 02:04:42


I love Christmas, 🎄and I love that this board exists on Mumsnet! So nice to find people like me!

I have started my Christmas prep for 2018. I bought some new silver charms for the Christmas pudding and I’ve been working on the cross stitch stockings for the family (2 down, 5 more to go! But this is a labour of love, done over years).

I’m also trying to create a bit of a list of things to do, or improve on, and i’m combing back through all the Mumsnet Christmas forums for ideas!

Loving this thread!

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