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Wilko online - am I misunderstanding?

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WingsOnMyBoots Wed 17-Jan-18 16:23:36

I've been searching for a pair of duck egg curtains for weeks and was relieved to find the ones I wanted on Unfortunately, it said they were out of stock so I registered my email address for them to notify me when they were next in. I decided this was too open-ended so I initiated Live Chat to ask roughly how long it might take. The lady wasn't sure and said there seemed to be no order placed for any more. This morning a decided to go to my local Wilko store to check if there was something close - I was really happy to find these very same curtains on the shelves - 2 pairs in fact. Am I misunderstanding how the online site works? I would have thought that a search for an item would check the stock levels of all the stores but after what happened this can't be the case can it? But then how is the site helpful or reliable?

Phosphorus Wed 17-Jan-18 16:26:04

I'd imagine the person you spoke to was looking at stock in the depot, for delivery to people's homes.

dementedpixie Wed 17-Jan-18 16:27:13

Maybe they have a central warehouse for online orders.

StereophonicallyChallenged Wed 17-Jan-18 16:41:33

I agree with PP. To check store stock for on-line orders would be impossible...what if they said yes we have two pairs in x store just as a customer picked them up and took them t a till?

I can see why that just wouldn't work for most larger retailers at all.

I know lots of places will check to see it items are available in different stores, but they don't guarantee that it will still be there by the time you get there iyswim?

Argos etc are different as its all warehoused - even store stock.

ArnoldBee Wed 17-Jan-18 16:43:40

Wilko online doesn't check the availability in stores just their online stock.

WingsOnMyBoots Thu 18-Jan-18 08:33:48

I see your points. Even so, when discussing with the lady on live chat I did say something like 'oh no! took me ages to find exactly what I want' or something like that, so would have thought she should then have suggested ringing a high street store. Anyway, I'm thrilled with the curtains, they're beautiful.

blacksmiths09 Mon 12-Feb-18 07:30:43

Why’s this in the Christmas section on here?

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