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What are you getting your 18 month old boys for Xmas?

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xmasstress Sun 17-Dec-17 20:52:13

So what are you getting your 18 month old boys for Xmas? I'm stuck at what to get him. The toys He already has that he got for his first birthday are an activity cube ( that he doesn't really bother with) he has a play tent and a little tool box and other little things but I'm stuck at what to get him for Xmas so wanted some ideas. I was thinking of a toy garage but not sure whether he is too young to appreciate it or maybe an indoor trampoline?

PasstheStarmix Sun 17-Dec-17 23:17:27

A ball pit is always fun if he doesn't have one already.

NeitherNowtNorSummat01 Mon 18-Dec-17 00:43:30

A train track- the happyland one is a winner in our house- as is the wooden Brio one
We also have a car garage that gets played with
A bus- although my son likes anything with wheels
A click clack track

Hoviscats Mon 18-Dec-17 05:30:46

I have an older DS as well so he already has a lot of things but for Xmas he is getting food and tea set etc for the Ikea kitchen (which he loves and plays with every day so worth considering getting if you don't have one!). I have got some books, new bath toys as well but haven't gone too crazy as we have so much already tbh!

doozeldog Mon 18-Dec-17 05:47:32

We've got:
indoor trampoline
Wooden blocks
Pedi and hammer game
Thomas take and play engines
Hobby horse
JCB trucks
We've not gone mad cuz he still doesn't know what's going on

MrsPringles Mon 18-Dec-17 06:51:20

Ds is now 3 but when he was 18 Months for Christmas the things that I can remember and he really enjoyed were, Happyland sets and the wooden table they did to play with it on, an ELC toddler trampoline, a ELC train that had the little clicks figures in that drove along and played music, Duplo and tons of books

Basically Early Learning Centre is your friend grin

Camomila Mon 18-Dec-17 09:15:16

DS is 20m and getting a play kitchen, he would have been a bit young for it at 18m.

His favourite toys then were his toot toot cars and brio train track...basically anything with wheels smile

karmakameleon Mon 18-Dec-17 10:00:27

DS1 got an IKEA toy kitchen and accessories when he was 18 months. He loved it.

DS2 got a vtech toot toot garage. He's loves his cars but that wasn't such a big hit. He would have got train tracks but already had loads inherited from his big brother.

DS3 will get a rocking horse this year.

LibraryMonster Mon 18-Dec-17 11:41:10

I've found it a struggle as he doesn't really play with toys as he just loves kicking a ball around, climbling everything and stealing his older brothers iPad! So we've got him:

Melissa and Doug Monster Bowling set
Duplo Car set
Bing Noisy Day Book
A few other board books
B Toys Microphone
Jiggle Ball
Magnetic drawing board
Galt Water Magic

and some stuff for his stocking.

Rumblemumble Mon 18-Dec-17 12:53:09

I’ve bougt mine the Ikea play kitchen, a few jcb trucks and diggers, happy land set, duplo, bath crayons, stickers and bath face paints, a few books and some clothes. He will be more interested in the boxes. grin

ChristmasAddict Mon 18-Dec-17 19:17:32

22 months but we have got him a toy kitchen as has everyone else with toddlers that I know fgrin

ImAMarshmellow Mon 18-Dec-17 21:44:43

Our ds is 16 motnths;
Play kitchen
Toy trucks/diggers.
Couple of puzzles
One of those thingys you push around and picks the ball up
Toot toot stuff.

Mypoorhat Mon 18-Dec-17 22:36:30

Like everyone else I’d say a play kitchen. DD got one at 18 months which she still plays with a lot at 3, and her 18 month old brother plays with it ALL the time.

His other current favourite toys are a car mat, train and track and his sister’s doll and pushchair so he’s getting a doll of his own, and they’re getting a little trampoline between them.

Shelby1981 Tue 19-Dec-17 08:57:00

Play kitchen and pans/play food to go with it - he already has a tea set which is his favourite toy so think he'll love it!

Car mat that gathers up into a bag

Some "that's not my...." Books

Dressing gown & socks

Family is getting him:

Play tent and tunnel

Hammering bench thing

Duplo number train

A vtech 2 in 1 rocking horse/scoot along thing

Beatbo dog

Garage & cars

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