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Worst poinsettias ever!

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Fekko Sat 16-Dec-17 19:45:55

I always buy a nice one in December (can't remember where from - possibly m&s) and bought one which looked lovely.

So much so I bought a further 6 to have around the place for decorations (and plant out later as I usually do) and all 6 that I bought from Sainsbury's are dropping leaves like mad and are just little more than sticks now. The first one is thriving nicely.

Really hacked off. They were placed all over in different locations - even one either side of the m&s one.

That's all really - just annoyed that I've been picking up leaves all day and don't think they will be alive tomorrow. Could they have bugs something?

eggsandwich Sat 16-Dec-17 19:54:02

Same here, brought one from Morrison’s look good and healthy, two weeks on and the leave started to fall off, in the end it look plain silly on the table so I threw it in the bin.

Did think about getting another one, but don’t think I’ll bother now.

popcornpaws Sun 17-Dec-17 00:52:40

The leaves fall off if theyre over watered, could this be the reason?

Annwithnoe Sun 17-Dec-17 06:52:12

Is that true Popcorn? I've never been able to keep the things alive through christmas

Fekko Sun 17-Dec-17 08:29:03

Not these ones! I've been careful watering them from the bottom when the soil is dry but I see that the pots seem really tiny. Maybe they've just been forced too much.

Dodie66 Sun 17-Dec-17 08:55:44

It might be how or where they were kept before you bought them. If they weren’t watered or kept in really cold conditions that might have affected them

Fekko Sun 17-Dec-17 09:59:07

I suspect that - the lonely m&s one is looking great!

Lucisky Sun 17-Dec-17 11:40:38

I'll bet they received a generous blast of cold air, which would certainly cause this. Why don't you take them back for a refund?

EmilyChambers79 Sun 17-Dec-17 15:53:07

I had this with Sainsbury's ones last year. The year before I got one from garden centre and it's still going so I've gone back to garden centre this year.

popcornpaws Sun 17-Dec-17 20:12:47

Water from the top, not many plants like standing in water.

jocktamsonsbairn Sun 17-Dec-17 20:58:35

I got mine from
Aldi and it's doing great so far.

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