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Urgent present help needed

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iammeegan Sat 16-Dec-17 14:14:27

My ds is 3 with a speech delay, we've done his Christmas list and he's asked for a base?!?

Apparently it's yellow and makes whoosh noise.

Wtf? Anyone have any ideas?

Tinselistacky Sat 16-Dec-17 14:17:51

Space hopper?

jenthehen Sat 16-Dec-17 14:19:52

The Peppa pig "space" ship with sounds?

Stickerrocks Sat 16-Dec-17 14:20:25

Can he draw you a picture or point to it in an Argos catalogue?

Space Hopper is a good idea though.

iammeegan Sat 16-Dec-17 14:20:37

He's already got the peppa pig rocket and can say rocket. Apparently it also makes a neeooow noise hmm

iammeegan Sat 16-Dec-17 14:21:22

That's the picture of it!

iammeegan Sat 16-Dec-17 14:22:04

Argos catalogue is my last resort, would have to go a pick one up, it send to fly whatever it is

StorminaBcup Sat 16-Dec-17 14:22:29

Space rocket? You can buy garden ones that you pump with air with a foot pump that go whoosh?

LIZS Sat 16-Dec-17 14:22:51

Bird, space rocket?

iammeegan Sat 16-Dec-17 14:23:51

Definitely not a space hopper, will try a rocket

iammeegan Sat 16-Dec-17 14:25:22

He means space! Fuck sake what the hell am I going to get him that looks like space, would need to be a toy he already has wall stickers

Fekko Sat 16-Dec-17 14:27:25

A solar system mobile? Glow in the dark planet stickers?

IDefinitelyWould Sat 16-Dec-17 14:27:26

I've just picked up a galaxy lightshow projector for my dcs' room, would something like that work?

PanannyPanoo Sat 16-Dec-17 14:27:38

some things that race?

does it have wheels
how big is it
Is it for inside or outside

Dsmummy Sat 16-Dec-17 14:28:14$ja=tsid:59156%7Ccid:189934165%7Cagid:18091992685%7Ctid:aud-180466976485:pla-96720687205%7Ccrid:77627768005%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:9342117409433763733%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1o2%7Cmt:%7Cloc:1006506&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7IqCwN6O2AIVY7XtCh1ppAIHEAkYAiABEgKdqfDD_BwE

Maybe this?

PanannyPanoo Sat 16-Dec-17 14:29:06

cross posted!
there is a pop up space den. my girls spent hours in theirs.

IDefinitelyWould Sat 16-Dec-17 14:29:12

Or a space bed tent?

Kids Play Tent Childs Bed Tent Playhouse for Boys Girls Fun Plays Christmas & Birthday Gifts (Space Adventure)

Taffeta Sat 16-Dec-17 14:30:25

A space poster? There are some great Hubble ones on Amazon

iammeegan Sat 16-Dec-17 14:31:54

I've actually already got him this, was thinking maybe a toy to play with, mind you he's probably a bit heavy handed for a play solar system, thank you all though

iammeegan Sat 16-Dec-17 14:32:58

That tent is brilliant, I'll be getting him that one, thank you so much

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