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Present for 8 year old niece

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Merriboo Sat 16-Dec-17 09:45:18

I'm stuck 🤔
I usually get clothes and my brother is no help in providing ideas.
Inspiration needed please as panic setting in....

trixymalixy Sat 16-Dec-17 09:47:46

What's your budget?

My DD loves anything from smiggle. What about a onesie?

GreenOranges Sat 16-Dec-17 09:58:59

Diary with a lock. Bobble hat - my girls love sparkly ones from H&M. Tattoos. Anything from Smiggle. Slime. Aqua beads. LEGO. Junior Monopoly.

iloveredwine Sat 16-Dec-17 10:12:06

unicorn slippers a mermaid blanket or smiggle stuff or smelly pencils!

Haudyerwheesht Sat 16-Dec-17 10:14:33

Dd is 7 not sure what your budget is but she'd love...

Smiggle anything including voucher
Claire's - ditto
Craft stuff
LOL dolls
Fidget toys
Den building stuff

Merriboo Sat 16-Dec-17 10:16:19

Sorry should have added budget- up to £75, and she is an only child
I've done onesies before.
What is smiggle? 🤔

Boredomismyenemy Sat 16-Dec-17 10:18:05

Definitely smiggle. Or DVDs, Lego, craft or cooking stuff, hair clips, cute purse or handbag, fluffy socks or slippers, bobble hat, nice scarf and gloves, ear muffs.

Boredomismyenemy Sat 16-Dec-17 10:18:38

Smiggle is a very bright heavily scented stationery shop!

Boredomismyenemy Sat 16-Dec-17 10:19:24

Does she enjoy reading? Perhaps a kindle?

trixymalixy Sat 16-Dec-17 11:11:08

£75 is a big budget!

Does she have a tablet, CD player. What about a big Lego set?

Merriboo Sat 16-Dec-17 12:54:17

She has a tablet, I like the idea of a lego set and will explore smiggle.

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