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What have you brought for your mam

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Joanne1991 Fri 15-Dec-17 19:10:16


I’m looking for…
What have you brought for your mam

What have you brought for your mam
Thread: What have you brought for your mam
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What have you brought for your mam
Hi I have noticed that there Is no thread for what people have brought their mam for Christmas.

I have brought my mam

Baby Powder Yankee candles
Call The Midwife DVD
Mrs Brown's Boys DVD
Photo Frame
Lindisfarne DVD (she's a massive fan)

Kit1411 Fri 15-Dec-17 19:13:47

Thought I’d come on as I have no idea what to get my Mum (or Dad who’s just had his bday). Mum has no hobbies, doesn’t really watch series so dvds no good, doesn’t wear pjs to bed, just don’t know what to get.

Wishfulmakeupping Fri 15-Dec-17 19:14:55

Scarf from a little boutique near me
And will get her a nice candle too

GoldenFlaps Fri 15-Dec-17 19:15:32

Brought from where? confused

GoldenFlaps Fri 15-Dec-17 19:25:37

Oh sorry blush, it's just occurred to me you meant bought. Apologies blush

Wishfulmakeupping Fri 15-Dec-17 19:26:43

Scarf from a little boutique near me
And will get her a nice candle too

Rubyslippers7780 Fri 15-Dec-17 19:27:48

A canvas photo of our children ( her grandkids )
A book on Tenko ( huge fan )

Also looking for ideas... she doesn't have any easy hobbies / bath / perfume stuff...

spankhurst Fri 15-Dec-17 19:27:50

Paris perfume.

ColonelJackONeil Fri 15-Dec-17 19:28:51

I bought my mum some ready nice meals from Cook!

PodgeBod Fri 15-Dec-17 21:16:03

A new bedding set with a throw and little cushions and some Royal Doulton drinking glasses.

JaceLancs Fri 15-Dec-17 21:32:48

Andre Rieu CD and 3 DVDs
Amaryllis in pot
Luxury afternoon tea voucher for 2 including chauffeur and waitress services (self and DD) as parents elderly and will need help

IndieRar Fri 15-Dec-17 22:14:28

Festival ticket for next summer with us.
A book to open on Christmas Day.

ru345 Fri 15-Dec-17 23:39:56

Make up
Posh hair products
Might get a magazine prescription for a year also

ScreamingValenta Fri 15-Dec-17 23:41:28

In the words of Lady Bracknell ... a handbag.

gingerclementine Fri 15-Dec-17 23:46:32

A tin trug of hyacinths
Very dark chocolate
A silver photo frame with pics of DC in it (requested)

coconutnut Sat 16-Dec-17 07:44:14

Argh, too many uses of the wrong word in the same post shock

LizzieSiddal Sat 16-Dec-17 07:46:21

A fit bit.

UnbornMortificado Sat 16-Dec-17 07:51:41

Stupidly expensive Liz Earl skin set. Token box of Thornton and some scratchcards.

We've had a rough year though and she and my younger sister (also been spoilt to death) have been a godsend.

She still is, I'm finishing the year with pneumonia and pleurisy. She's took my washing pile (I have 3 kids including a baby) to do so I can rest up a bit.

I proper love my mam.

OhforfucksakeFay Sat 16-Dec-17 07:56:21


Not brought. Shudder.

Fevertree Sat 16-Dec-17 07:57:49

A tree
Tickets to our local theatre (I'm hoping she takes me!)

Icantdancedontaskme Sat 16-Dec-17 07:59:59

Dancing classes
L'occitane perfume set
A special edition book that she wanted for ages and I found on Amazon for £3

Mother in Law has an Elemis gift box and a scarf

Japanese Sat 16-Dec-17 08:02:26

I took my mum for festive afternoon tea in a hotel.

To open on Christmas Day I have bought her:

Tiffany perfume
A bottle of gin
A book about Christmas

Maryberryjam Sat 16-Dec-17 08:05:07

Sheepskin slippers, a photo calendar of grandkids and a box of hotel chocolat . My mums an angel , wish i could treat her to a holiday - maybe one day ☺️

Joskar Sat 16-Dec-17 08:11:03

Silk vest
Art supplies
Harris tweed gloves
A novel

Highmaintenancefemalestuff Sat 16-Dec-17 08:12:09

I've bought my mum

A kindle fire
A poster of Enrique Iglesias - she loves him and was gutted when she went into a music store and they didn't sell any because 'he's just not that big anymore'
I'll also get her some nice smelly stuff, some Turkish delight, liquorice all sorts and put some books on the kindle. Maybe a candle.

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