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Which sauce/condiment to accompany gammon?

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Teufelsrad Wed 13-Dec-17 15:20:29

We usually have turkey and salmon, but today I picked up a piece of gammon in Tesco today, but what sauce or condiment do I serve it with? I'm worried that it might be dry.

I hate gravy so I never have it with turkey,but I have cranberry sauce instead. I'm not sure if that'll work.

Apologies for the most mundane of questions but any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

SneakAttackDamage Wed 13-Dec-17 15:23:04

Mustard: English or whole grain

OliviaStabler Wed 13-Dec-17 15:25:10

Apple sauce.

Please remember that others may not hate gravy as you do.

whosafraidofabigduckfart Wed 13-Dec-17 15:26:23

Bread sauce

TheHeraldOfAndraste Wed 13-Dec-17 15:26:55


AdaColeman Wed 13-Dec-17 15:27:33

Serve it with cauliflower cheese, that's a food match made in heaven.

AnnieOH1 Wed 13-Dec-17 15:27:36

I don't know how common or weird this might be, but I like parsley sauce with gammon... smile

MsHomeSlice Wed 13-Dec-17 15:28:31

parsley sauce!

or I really like it with cauliflower cheese, so you could do that as a side.

catlovingdoctor Wed 13-Dec-17 15:28:49

I second Parsley sauce! It's delicious!

FurryDogMother Wed 13-Dec-17 15:29:00

I was about to say parsley sauce, but Annie beat me to it - it's a classic combination smile

AdaColeman Wed 13-Dec-17 15:31:20

Oh yes I agree Annie gammon, parsley sauce and colcannon of course.

Teufelsrad Wed 13-Dec-17 15:34:00

Why didn't I think of English mustard? I love the stuff. I don't think my guests will be quite so keen but I love it, so will have some available.

Apple sauce is great too,and don't worry, Olivia, I always serve gravy for guests. I just don't eat it myself.

I've never made bread sauce,but first time for everything. I've always wanted to try it.

I'm not sure what Cumberland sauce is,but I'll go and Google.

I might have a variety as though I'm not a gravy fan, I love condiments.

Thank you all very much for your help so far. I only picked gammon up because I'm impatient and want to get my food in ASAP, and couldn't see a nice bit or turkey, but I'm looking forward to having something different.

MyOtherProfile Wed 13-Dec-17 15:34:12

Pineapple sala. And cook it in water in a slow cooker and it won't be dry.

ItsInTheDogsMouth Wed 13-Dec-17 15:36:00

White sauce with a good dollop of mustard stirred through.

statetrooperstacey Wed 13-Dec-17 15:37:14

Pickle is nice with gammon and stuffing! Obviously.

OliviaStabler Wed 13-Dec-17 15:37:52

Apple sauce is great too,and don't worry, Olivia, I always serve gravy for guests. I just don't eat it myself

Good to know wink

Teufelsrad Wed 13-Dec-17 15:52:18

I Googled Cumberland sauce. It sounds good and I love red currant jelly so I might have to try that.

I love parsley sauce on fish so it'd be interesting to tr it with gammon.

Pineapple salsa sounds incredible. Ive never made it but I'll definitely have to try. Mustard sauce and pickle are also very appealing.

Colcannon and cauliflower cheese would be incredible, even if I don't get to serve it on the main day, I'll definitely have it with leftovers.

Christmas dinner is partly an excuse for me to shovel as many condiments into my mouth as possible, so hoping to try as many as possible. I might have to get another for New Year so I can do that. I'm one of those weirdos who'd be thrilled to receive a homemade jar of pickle or chutney for Christmas.

Thank you all for the wonderful ideas.

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