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What do you remember about childhood Christmases?

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Glumglowworm Wed 13-Dec-17 14:51:25

Everyone is so keen to “make memories” for the kids, but what is it that you remember from your childhood Christmases?

I remember our stockings were ski socks (belonging to my non-skiing father) and the excitement of feeling the weight of it filled on my bed when I woke up. Only found out many years later that there were duplicate socks that were pre-filled and my mum just swapped them over

The first Christmas after my parents split up my mum was on an independent woman kick and walked and carried the real Christmas tree home from the farm about a mile away because she didn’t drive. Setting it up was the first time I ever heard her swear grin (after that year she got it delivered)

LuxuryWoman2017 Wed 13-Dec-17 17:23:15

I remember everyone seemed to have a table with endless bottles on, Babycham, Advocat, spirits and a keg of beer plus a soda syphon, always in red or blue.

Bowls of nuts with a nutcracker, lemon and orange slices and dates.

'Proper' fairy lights and selection boxes which were stocking shaped with netting.

Hearing the noise of wheels on Christmas morning up and down the road (new bikes, skateboards, roller skates)

The excitement of seeing a sack full of gifts all wrapped in Santa's flimsy paper (he bought cheapo and colourful)
Having a lovely bath in the evening with new bubble bath (Hollie Hobbit I seem to recall one year) followed by a new nightdress and dressing gown and settling down with a snack to read my new annual.

There often seemed to be a Beatles film or Tommy on around Christmas, some kind of psychedelic music film anyway.
Oh, and all the Christmas specials 'The Good Life' 'To the Manor Born'

I often wonder what my daughter will remember, the release of a new piece of tech perhaps? Tubs of Celebrations weren't around when I was young, strictly Quality Street when the tins were huge and the chocolate was good.

I think many of us are so used to goodies all year round (booze in the house, multipacks of crisps in the shopping trolley) it's hard to think how things were such treats years ago - like satsumas or grapes!

TossDaily Wed 13-Dec-17 17:33:46

The battered old suitcase full of decorations being brought down from the loft - I'd be shaking with excitement at seeing all the old favourites again.

About three different sets of lights on the tree - all multicoloured.

Dangling foil decorations being drawing- pinned to the ceiling.

Dad getting his Christmas LPs out - Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Nat King Cole.

Being allowed to open the tin of Quality Street on Christmas Eve. I can still smell the fruity chocolate smell, and the squeaky wrappers that shone like jewels.

Feeling the full pillowcase with my feet in the early hours of Christmas morning and shouting 'He's beeeeen!'

Going over to my dear Auntie Flo and Uncle Jim's house. Uncle Jim used to give me a snowball (advocaat and lemonade with a dash of lime cordial) as it wasn't 'proper' booze. He used to make lethal pickled onions that would give you heartburn until New Year's Day.

My dad handing presents out from under the tree, one by one. It used to take hours.

Prawn cocktail in a wine glass.

Happy memories.

acornsandnuts Wed 13-Dec-17 17:39:32

We had no stockings and our presents were never wrapped. Don’t get me wrong we always had enough presents and a lovely day. Just looking back I wonder whether my parents just couldn’t be arsed.

Lovemusic33 Wed 13-Dec-17 17:50:27

I remember having huge family feasts at my nans on Christmas Eve, she had a huge dining room table which was full with food and the whole family would come, it’s the only day the dining room got used.

I remember visiting my dads side of the family, handing out gifts and cards and eating roses until I felt sick.

Visiting Father Christmas at the local hardwear shop and eventually realising santa was the shop owner.

I remember poking the presents under the tree and my brother telling me to make a small hole to see what was inside.

Eating too much prawn cocktail and then not wanting the main course.

XmasFairy86 Wed 13-Dec-17 17:59:39

Ending Xmas day at my grans. In front of the open fire. Bowl of nuts with a nutcracker and throwing the shell on the fire, and any sweet wrappers.

Massive stockings on my feet in the morning.

Turkey, sausage rolls, pickled onions, pickled eggs that I never ate more presents than I knew what to do with, the Argos catalogue for selection, my gran would make a trifle just for me as I don't like Xmas cake or pud!

Lovemusic33 Wed 13-Dec-17 20:50:51

My Nan made an amazing trifle grin

I like the fact my best memories were not really about opening presents, we were not spoilt but had a few presents, usually a main gift and a few small useful things, we got quite a few presents from family members, I can remember my favourite toy being a toy similar to hungry hippos which came from Woolworths, instead of hippos it was bull dogs. But my best memories are of visiting family and eating Christmas food.

ohanabanana Wed 13-Dec-17 21:07:13

Going to a local supermarket with my dad in the dark to buy booze - advocat, Harvey’s Bristol Cream, martini, cinzano, cans of ale, whiskey etc. and loads of types of nuts in shells, pickled onions, Branson’s pickle and piccalilli - yuck!
My grandma would make the most amazing sausage rolls which we only ever had at Christmas and I loved so much! After she died my mum made exactly the same ones and I was so happy I asked for the recipe and found out it was just pre-made pastry and sausage meat- nothing else! I make them now.
My grandparents always falling asleep in the afternoon in the armchairs with their cracker hats on.
And in the Christmas holidays in the mornings there were always old festive episodes of the Charlie Brown show and The Raccoons.

HarrietSchulenberg Wed 13-Dec-17 21:08:13

Sneaking into the dining room in the dark to look at the twinkly Cinderella coach lights on the Christmas tree.

We had a grandfather clock that one year I found to be filled up with wrapped Christmas presents.

Going to my grandparents' house with my cousins and eating all the chocolates off the Christmas tree.

It all stopped when I was 8. My grandma and great grandma died, we moved house, my dad started working shifts so often missed Christmas and the cousins moved to Australia.

DeadGood Wed 13-Dec-17 22:43:41

Oh harriet - so sad.

strikingstarlet Wed 13-Dec-17 23:36:39

Great post!! ❤️

I remember collecting the Christmas parcel off the mail train from my gran and grandad and being so excited to take all the presents out and put them under the tree for Christmas morning!!...

Not being able to sleep and dozing the whole night wondering why it was taking so long to get to morning

Laying a pillowcase out and anticipating how it would feel in the morning filled with presents...still no other sound like it the russle of paper when you moved it.

The gig bowl of nuts and silver nut cracker that used to appear in November.

My gran lovingly folding all the bits of cheap wrapping paper because she came from a generation of no waste and probably thought it would get used again...

Ironically even though money isn’t too much of a worry for us I have to but the cheep and cheerful rustly wrapping paper because that’s what elf’s would use...My husband who came from a colour co/ordinated, ribbon curled house does get it but Christmas is not Christmas without the tatty paper!!

Prawn cocktail in wine glasses and being allowed fizzy juice...

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