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Mum's fallen over on ice and broken her hip : ((

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goingbacktome Wed 13-Dec-17 00:21:37

Sorry to bring the mood down : (( My wonderful mum fell over today trying to buy my children xmas pressies and has fractured her hip. She's in hospital due to have surgery tomorrow and we have no idea how long she will be in there for. My dad is very tearful, my mum won't stop shaking - she has a fear of needles and hospitals and I'm feeling hopeless as I'm at the other end of the country.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of fractured hips and how long she is likely to be in hospital for : (( She was so excited talking about Xmas when I spoke to her just last night. : ((

Teufelsrad Wed 13-Dec-17 00:37:38

I'm afraid I don't know much about fractured hips, but here's a hug for you all. Your poor Mum. What a terrible thing to happen. I wish her a speedy recovery and hope there's as little stress as possible for her. I can sympathise with the hospital phobia.

Please let us know how she is after her surgery(when you have time of course.

Teufelsrad Wed 13-Dec-17 00:42:28

P.S You may have discovered this already,but there's an NHS recovery guide which may help a little.

Marley45 Wed 13-Dec-17 00:44:01

Oh your poor mum. What a horrible thing to happen to her. I'm sorry I don't know anything about her op but I wish her all the best. Must have been a scare for you all x

Spartak Wed 13-Dec-17 00:44:21

I'm a physio working mostly with older people with hip fractures. It's difficult to say really - some people rehab really well and are home within a week. Some take longer.
Do you know which procedure she is having to fix it? That will make a difference to timescales.

goingbacktome Wed 13-Dec-17 00:57:48

Thanks for the kind messages : ) Spartak, she is having her right hip pinned, they said the operation takes about an hour...

Penfold007 Wed 13-Dec-17 01:02:14

My 80 year old DM fell and broke hers two weeks ago. Operated on within 24 hours and they had her out of bed the next day. She's making steady progress despite having other pre-existing medical issues. Breaking a hip is serious and recovery will take time, hope your DM is soon feeling better.

goingbacktome Wed 13-Dec-17 01:21:55

Thanks so much Penfold - sorry to hear about your mum but so glad she is recovering. How long did she have to stay in hospital for?

skankingpiglet Wed 13-Dec-17 01:35:01

I'm sorry to hear about your DM. It's a horrible thing to happen and really hard on you too being too far away to help. How old is your DM?
My DGM fell and broke her hip when she was 89. She needed it replaced and was in hospital for a couple of months. I suspect her stay was lengthy as she was so elderly, had no one at home to help her (we lived some way away), and it was easier than constantly ferrying her to and from a physio when she had no means of getting there herself.

Penfold007 Wed 13-Dec-17 02:24:52

going she is likely to be discharged in the next few days if the Occupational Therapists and Drs are happy.

Teufelsrad Tue 19-Dec-17 12:45:52

Hi Going. I hope that you're both doing a little better.

crazycatgal Tue 19-Dec-17 12:58:00

I don't have any advice but I hope that your poor mum is ok and still manages to have a nice Christmas. thanks

goingbacktome Tue 19-Dec-17 14:05:02

Thanks everyone. After a few horrible days of complications from surgery we're on the way up. Hoping mum will be back with us all at home for Christmas. She took her first steps today : )) Still can't hear the John Lewis song without crying - the lyrics are so incredibly resonating right now.

Fork2fork Tue 19-Dec-17 16:16:13

Hi so sorry to hear about your Mum. When I fractured my hip I stayed in about 4 days post op. They tried to get me up and walking about as quickly as they could which horrified me at the time but helped in the long term. I was surprised just how quickly I was back in the swing of things. Wishing your Mum a speedy recovery. She will be definately be putting her feet up over Christmas

hevonbu Tue 19-Dec-17 16:32:14

Awful, I wish you all the best of luck! Where I am, at this time of the year, one does best in having a pair of "ice and snow grips" (ice grippers made of rubber) to wear over/under your shoe. If you're under 50 it feels a bit embarrassing but they are really good. In winter I usually have a pair in my pocket just in case, so I can wear them instantly if it feels icy.

Eringray Tue 19-Dec-17 16:46:09

I hope your mom is better now and I wish her a quick recovery! flowers

rainbowruthie Tue 19-Dec-17 16:54:55

Sending kind thoughts to you and your poor mum flowers

spiderlight Tue 19-Dec-17 17:39:21

My dad fractured his hip on 16th November, had surgery on the 17th (his 93rd birthday sad ) and was out of hospital on the 23rd. He's not fully mobile yet but he's doing well.

ihavetogoshoppingnow Tue 19-Dec-17 20:06:02

flowers to you and your mum. Not her hip so it could well be different but my mum shattered her ankle/leg a few years ago and had a massive operation to pin and plate it and she was only in hospital a couple of days. Basically until she could manage without morphine, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Wed 20-Dec-17 08:50:04

Your poor mum - I'm so sorry.
My mother fell and broke a hip at 91 or 2 (I lose track now) and had quite bad dementia on top, but recovered really well and quickly - she went on to 97. I do hope your mum will recover equally well.

Teufelsrad Sun 24-Dec-17 23:20:29

I'm sorry to hear that your poor Mum had complications. I hope her recovery will be much smoother from now on.

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