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Christmas cooking list

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churchilllounge Mon 11-Dec-17 06:42:15

What's on your Christmas cooking list? Not Christmas dinner but all the extra stuff.

I've got a massive family Christmas this year with people staying 3 weeks plus and I want to be able to give lovely things everyday. I've made and frozen brownies so far and am going to make lemon curd.

I've got time between now and Christmas so would love any ideas.

PricillaQueenOfTheDesert Mon 11-Dec-17 06:49:26

Brie &. Cranberry parcels (in filo pastry)
Home made sausage rolls.
Considering a venison joint too.

Check out some of the foodie channels, they will have some other ideas for fab Xmas food now.

Notso Mon 11-Dec-17 06:55:00

Sausage rolls,
Mince pies,
Gingerbread men,
the kids usually make Rocky road or tiffin,
I fancy making cinnamon rolls this year.

Boxing Day I usually make a turkey, ham and leek pie and a steak one for New Year's Day.

Hats off to you for having guests for three weeks.

churchilllounge Mon 11-Dec-17 07:29:35

I love it.

Great suggestions. Off to google if those can be frozen. Keep them coming!

17caterpillars1mouse Mon 11-Dec-17 08:06:40

What about a lovely homemade soup for lunch one day

Frangipan mince pies
Festive biscotti to go with coffees
Pigs in blankets to have in panini's (like they do it costa)
Coffee and walnut cake

Thehairthebod Mon 11-Dec-17 08:08:48

I've got a massive family Christmas this year with people staying 3 weeks plus


ThatsMySantaHisBeardIsSoFluffy Mon 11-Dec-17 08:29:39

Sausage rolls
Cheese straws
Mince pies
Rocky road
Cookies (2 types)
Christmas cake cheesecake
White chocolate cheesecake

Yorkshire puddings

Already made:

Nigella Christmas muffins

saladdays66 Mon 11-Dec-17 12:15:51

Blimey, I have folk staying 5 days and I'm panicking about what to feed them!! Turkey, ham and leek pie sounds good.

Notso Mon 11-Dec-17 13:21:02

Turkey, ham and leek pie is my favourite Christmas food saladdays I use the left over turkey, ham, carrots, parsnips and gravy from Christmas dinner, it's especially good if there's stuffing left chopped into little pieces.

Swifey Mon 11-Dec-17 13:21:43

I always make up a batch of mince, and then annotate it to whatever I fancy when defrosting - bolognese, chilli, cottage pie of lasagne. Another good one is pizza dough, frozen, and make a tomato sauce and freeze too. Then it's quite fun to have a pizza evening - you will no doubt have tons of left over cheese, etc to use up!

churchilllounge Mon 11-Dec-17 17:22:39

I made theee types of biscotti today and I think I'll make a couple more tomorrow.

I like the cheesecake ideas to go in the freezer.

PerfumeIsAMessage Mon 11-Dec-17 18:48:10

Christmas cake is made, Christmas pudding is coming over from UK (am abroad) Nigella's rocky road is in freezer. As is mincemeat. Need to do mince pies.

Need to sit down and write down what needs to be made and frozen this week tbh. I should make one thing every day when I get in from work so next week I can lie on the sofa and watch Christmas telly while sipping white wine. Instead of getting flour all over my wrapping paper as I try and multi task.

Hadn't thought of cheese straws, Excellent. Will chuck some of those in freezer as well.

4forksake Tue 12-Dec-17 23:11:52

Hope you've got lots of freezer space.

I'd make batches of things like chilli, curry, mac cheese served with cooked gammon), lasagne, soup, casserole. Easy & quick to reheat & just need garlic breads, rice, salads, dips to serve. Maybe some par baked bread in the freezer for days you might not have fresh bread to go with soup.

Definitely things like sausage rolls, cheese & onion rolls, loaded potato skins.

Mince pies, make a batch of cupcakes & either freeze with buttercream on or make buttercream separately & freeze the cupcakes & decorate when required, rocky road freezes well.

Croissants & other pastries.

Maybe get a few canapés from the supermarket to have with nibbles, pizza from aldi are delicious & treat yourself to a takeaway. 3 weeks of guests is hard work.

churchilllounge Wed 13-Dec-17 13:22:34

Making chocolate caramel squares this afternoon that apparently last a month.

Next cheese straws.

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