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What have you bought yourself?

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hashtagelfie Sat 09-Dec-17 20:42:28

So we have threads about what we've bought the dc, and millions of treads about what we would like, so I thought I'd do a tread about what we've actually got. I'm a huge believer in a bit of self-love and treating yourself as an equally important person who also deserves some gifts ❤️ so I have bought myself:

2 personalised Emma bridgewater mugs
A mini Emma bridgewater mug/tree decoration
A mittens and hot drink cup
Bath salts

FreshHerbs Sat 09-Dec-17 20:51:48

I haven't brought myself nothing in ages.All my money goes on bills,kids and looking after family so for once in my life stuff everything and everyone I'm going shopping for myself, by myself.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sat 09-Dec-17 20:53:05

I'm going to do myself a stocking this year!

I'm having a swiss army jelly card thing, Lego elves, new bed socks and some other bits and bobs! (ideas welcome!)

MyBrilliantDisguise Sat 09-Dec-17 20:54:22

I've bought myself some perfume (Gabrielle) and anticipated my mum's money and bought a couple of throws and some cushions in the Laura Ashley sale.

Mulch Sat 09-Dec-17 20:54:25

Going on holiday just before Christmas and considering a new car. Can't really afford the latter but need to for work. Told everyone I'm skint this year so don't expect anything. I have gotten everyone socks though. I hate the idea of spending lots of money at Christmas, I find it nauseating so never spend alot anyway.

SparklingSnowfall Sat 09-Dec-17 21:01:47

This grin

Lovemusic33 Sat 09-Dec-17 21:07:19

I have bought myself, a hoodie, gym leggings and some make up. I’m a single mum so I don’t get gifts from a dh, felt I would treat myself, also wanted to have something to open when the dd’s Are opening their presents.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sat 09-Dec-17 21:21:45

I've also just bought myself a flatout bear. Wanted one for ages blush. I'm actually excited!

lucysmam Sat 09-Dec-17 21:43:02

My favourite Yankee Candle, Snowflake Cookie. A large one too! It was on offer at 50% off in town on Thursday so I treated myself to that and some new melts.

I think, so far, that Berry Trifle is my favourite of the melts I've bought fsmile

Littlelambpeep Sat 09-Dec-17 21:45:31

I bought Yankee candles in the sale and treated myself to clarins eau whatever is it... Shower mouse. Using it already grin

Normally use aldi so it is a real treat

thebeerfear Sat 09-Dec-17 22:08:29

A pair of Karen Millen shoes and will be getting hair and makeup done for work xmas do grin

FoxInABox Sat 09-Dec-17 22:58:13

An amazon echo and some smart light bulbs and plugs, Charlotte Tilbury face palette, and some new boots.

Evewasinnocent Sat 09-Dec-17 22:58:48

A holiday in the sun - leave on Christmas Day - can’t wait

anothernetter Sat 09-Dec-17 23:01:54

Nothing sad

popcornpaws Sun 10-Dec-17 00:04:20

Various candles, parisienne perfume, lovely soft thermal socks, books, molton brown shower gel, a paperblanks notebook, handbag, a jacket...all when buying presents for other people and seeing things i fancied! I have a final shop to do this week and i will not even look at anything else!

jelly10 Sun 10-Dec-17 07:31:59

I bought myself a beautiful new Osprey purse from TKMaxx last week for Christmas - but cheeky DH has pinched it so it can be a present from him instead!

Ah well, I'll have to buy myself something else instead grin

BarbaraofSevillle Sun 10-Dec-17 14:04:58

If you chose and bought the purse, how can it be 'from DH'? confused

If there's no thought effort, visiting a shop or ordering online, it's not a present even if technically he did pay for it.

gillybeanz Sun 10-Dec-17 14:07:25

A new dress, was going to be for a funeral (non black) it's so nice though, that I'm saving it for xmas.
Have no idea what I'm getting of dh or dc yet though.

Unicorn81 Sun 10-Dec-17 14:14:44


hype bath stuff, didnt like it much
Gap pj bittoms, love them
Molton brown minis and 3 wick candles, love
Ted Baker crimbo shopper, love
Ted Baker make up set from Boots

Im quite good to myself but had some good returns on investment so why not eh

SatsukiKusakabe Sun 10-Dec-17 18:39:54

No I never buy anything for myself before Christmas - I can understand if you’re single, or it’s for Christmas nights out, but doesn’t it annoy people around you trying to think of presents if you treat yourself just before? It would drive me crazy if my dh bought things for himself in the run up grin

Even personal stuff where I’m picky, like make-up, I have a look round and give dh a list of possible colours I like, and then he chooses within that, so it’s still a gift for Christmas, or a list of books I’m interested in, and he will choose a surprise from it. One time he was busy and asked me to order my own present but I made it clear that was not in the spirit!

Off to look up flatout bear...grin

elephantoverthehill Sun 10-Dec-17 18:45:18

I bought myself a Radley handbag and wallet. They were from a charity shop but brand new. I'm a SP so it's my excuse and I'm sticking to it grin

Lanaa Sun 10-Dec-17 18:45:25

An Apple Watch. I really want a new car, but waiting to see if DP gets a new company one so I'll just drive his in that case.

gringringrin at the DH who pinched the purse.

Lovemusic33 Sun 10-Dec-17 18:46:03

I always buy myself a gift, I am single but also did it when I was married as exdh was shit at buying presents, to save disappointment i would buy myself what I wanted.

I do get annoyed buying for my dad. Last year he asked me to buy him a 3d blue ray, a week before Christmas he went out and bought all the latest films out so when I gave him the one I had bought he had already bought it (same happened the year before too), this year I’m just buying him consumables.

I bought myself my favourite Yankee Candle today, every year I drop hints to my mum to buy me one but she never does so I bought it.

BarbaraOcumbungles Sun 10-Dec-17 18:48:45

I’m going to buy myself an amazon echo.

BarbaraofSevillle Sun 10-Dec-17 19:05:58

SatsukiKusakabe So by your logic, if I see something I need, I'm not supposed to buy it, but instead hide it in a list of other things and hope that someone picks it off the list and buys it before it sells out and I'll have to wait until Christmas to get the item.

That's ridiculous. I'd really rather just buy the thing when I see it and know I've got it.

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