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What are your kids getting, that they're not expecting?

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HighwayDragon1 Fri 08-Dec-17 17:23:34

So DD told me this morning she really wanted a fingerling for Christmas, I've explained that they are out of stock everywhere (true) but I preempted this month's ago when the unicorn fingerlings had just been released and bought one. She's going to freak out, I'm going to pop a note in saying he was the last one too fgrin

What are you getting your kids that they are not expecting?

MumGoneMild Fri 08-Dec-17 17:28:25

Teen ds is getting an ipad. My cousin won it at bingo! Its way out of out budget and he would never ask, he's been saving for one and he will be thrilled.

The seven year old has got a sherpa lined blanket with a robin on it from aldi.
Hes been been eying up every time we go shopping

Chapterandverse Fri 08-Dec-17 17:52:46

Dd has concert tickets.

Ds has a jelly bean machine he will absolutely adore!

Trialsmum Fri 08-Dec-17 18:02:17

I have managed to get this far without DS (8) realising the existence of Pokemon Guess!

bakingcupcakes Fri 08-Dec-17 18:02:36

DS's getting a marble run. I don't think he'll know what it is but I think he'll love it when it's built.

Equimum Fri 08-Dec-17 18:15:44

Our son asked for several switch & go dinosaurs, including the big remote controlled one. We explained that he would need to make a choice between having several smaller ones, or the one big one. He opted for three smaller ones, which will be his Father Christmas present, but my mum has bought him the big remote controlled one. He keeps saying that he’s not sure he made the right decision, and I keep empathising, but saying that unfortunately, we can’t change letters to Father Christmas now.

FoxInABox Sun 10-Dec-17 00:27:43

Diy slime factory- dd has been desperate for this but it was out of stock everywhere so I told her the elves hadn’t made enough so it was unlikely she would get one, however I then got one from Amazon France. She will be over the moon!

chocolatespiders Sun 10-Dec-17 00:29:59

Mumgonemild - I love that I pad win!!!

Fantail Sun 10-Dec-17 07:06:00

Six year old DD is getting a milk frothing machine (like the ones you get with Nespresso) so she can make flash hot chocolates.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 10-Dec-17 07:15:17

Signed Dodie book.

PippleBang Sun 10-Dec-17 07:17:33

DSD(8) is getting a Ninetndo DS. The pokeball special edition one! She hasn't asked for it because she only ever asks for a handful of cheap presents but we saw this advertised at the cinema and she loved it. And it made me sad that even though she loved it she didn't ask for it, as if she thought it was "too much". She is going to be so happy!

Kraggle Sun 10-Dec-17 07:18:44

I’m not sure if dd is expecting it or not as she accidentally saw her present under our bed —thanks dh— he told her it was for one of her cousins though and I think she believed him as she still asks for it now if ou ask her what she wants for Christmas.

It’s one of those interactive ice cream trucks. She’s probably a little old for it at 4 but it’s the only thing she’s asked for so I had to get it for her. Hopefully it will still be a surprise on the morning even though she spotted it!

JaneWonder Sun 10-Dec-17 07:20:15

a week in Disney/Harry Potter etc in Florida. They have always wanted to go, I’ve always refused and said it would be my personal hell. We go on 27/12.

Youcantscaremeihavechildren Sun 10-Dec-17 07:22:16

A trip to lapland! They're not getting much else...we go on the 27th for 6 excited! my present too

Need2morehands Sun 10-Dec-17 07:22:45

Ds is getting an Xbox he's asked for One since last Christmas but iv said I don't think Father Christmas delivers electrical items so he took it off his list hel be so made up.

Need2morehands Sun 10-Dec-17 07:24:01

Lapland fsmile

HRTpatch Sun 10-Dec-17 07:24:24

Tickets for Hamilton

897654321abcvrufhfgg Sun 10-Dec-17 07:28:40

Nintendo switch. They r going to b so excited!!

ButImNotOldYet Sun 10-Dec-17 07:29:33

Aw, @mumgonemild - I’d Love to be a fly on the wall at yours on Christmas Day grin How lovely of your cousin to pass it on to you to give to him.

Lovely thread, so sweet to think of all these over excited children on Christmas morningsmile. My (teenage) dc didn’t ask for anything big this year, we’ve got them bits and pieces which I think they will like but no big wow this time.

SocksRock Sun 10-Dec-17 07:31:49

Mine have asked for books and clothes. We've been frugal for years.

I got a large unexpected tax rebate last month, so they are getting an Xbox with minecraft on

Can't wait!

Sparklingbells Sun 10-Dec-17 07:38:15

Disneyland Paris trip. We’ve been telling them for ages it’s way out of our budget, every time an advert for it comes on tv I can see the longing in their little faces. Their going to be so surprised and excited - I can’t wait!! 🎄

Allthepinkunicorns Sun 10-Dec-17 07:45:27

I'm treating my dh and ds to an Xbox, they have no idea I have got one but will both love it.

FairyPenguin Sun 10-Dec-17 07:50:46

Tickets to Matilda. I'm so excited!

WitchesHatRim Sun 10-Dec-17 07:53:48

Tickets for Hamiton and Harry Potter studio tour.

We have been to HP before but they wanted to go at Christmas and have been asking for ages.

Butterfly1975 Sun 10-Dec-17 10:28:53

Aah lovely thread fsmile

I can't wait to see DDs face on Christmas day as I've finally managed to get hold of the giant unicorn beanie boo which was sold out everywhere! Told her FC might not be able to find it this year as he's had a nightmare tracking one down santa

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