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Hand cream suggestion for MIL

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Shufflebumnessie Thu 07-Dec-17 21:36:04

My lovely (yes, really) MIL has requested hand cream for Christmas. The only specification is 'nothing extravagant', however I don't really want to wrap up a a bottle of Vaseline Intensive! She is a keen gardener if that helps.

I'm thinking of a budget of about £10 - 12 (it's not her main present), and ideally I like to be able to buy it on the high street rather than having to order online.

I saw a Burt's Bees hand cream today - any good?

coffeeclub Thu 07-Dec-17 21:36:58

body shop hemp

peachypetite Thu 07-Dec-17 21:37:55

AGree with body shop hemp

gingerbreadmam Thu 07-Dec-17 21:38:03

I love white company flowers hand cream. Get the same scent stuff in fancy hotels.

HuckfromScandal Thu 07-Dec-17 21:38:49

I love Milton brown, it’s more expensive, and I used to be a cheap as chips hand cream gal, but I got some for Christmas a couple of years ago and it is so nice, worth the extra money,

IheartNiles Thu 07-Dec-17 21:40:09

Clarins is nice and smells lovely but above budget

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Thu 07-Dec-17 21:40:13

A bit more expensive, but the Clarins hand cream is fabulous.

MrsBadger Thu 07-Dec-17 21:40:15

Another vote for the body shop hemp. Excellent for gardeners and is quality without looking at all 'fancy'.

NataliaOsipova Thu 07-Dec-17 21:41:17

The Clarins stuff is lovely. Really moisturising. You can get it in big branches of Boots/Debenhams etc.

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 07-Dec-17 21:41:39

I don’t like the burts bees one and I’m a massive handcream fan. My new favourite is from m&s. I’ll find you a link. Pretty packaging, gorgeous delicate scent, thick and soothing but sinks in quickly. It’s perfect.

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 07-Dec-17 21:42:03

Hemp makes me gag!

roobrr Thu 07-Dec-17 21:42:30

I agree with VivienneWestwoodsKnickers, Clarins is lovely!
Smells gorgeous and is the only hand cream I've found to actually make a difference.

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Thu 07-Dec-17 21:42:37

Id go for body shop Absinthe, smells lovely. Or l'occitaine.

mercurymaze Thu 07-Dec-17 21:42:58

I have a l'occitane lemon one that's fab

RunFatGirlRuuuuuun Thu 07-Dec-17 21:43:24

Burts bees hand salve. intensive and smells wonderful

nothruroad Thu 07-Dec-17 21:47:07

I like this gardener’s one from Crabtree and Evelyn.

MerlotMind Thu 07-Dec-17 21:47:52

L’Occitane definitely

Gunpowder Thu 07-Dec-17 21:48:27

MIL is also a keen gardener. I got her the Crabtree and Evelyn Gardeners hand therapy a couple of years ago and it was a hit.

I don’t like the Burts Bees handcream either. The texture doesn’t sink in well. Agree Clarins is excellent. I also rate the Neals Yard handcreams although they are strongly scented so could be tricky to choose for someone else. My favourite is the Melissa (lemon balm) one.

Alicecooperslovechild Thu 07-Dec-17 21:49:15

Another vote for Clarins.

Gunpowder Thu 07-Dec-17 21:49:32

Xpost with nothruroad. smile

LadySpratt Thu 07-Dec-17 21:50:00

Leighton Denny Best Defence hand cream is lovely. It’s now available at M&S and it’s within budget (£9)!

Santasbigredbobblehat Thu 07-Dec-17 21:50:35

L’occitane laveder is lovely.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Thu 07-Dec-17 21:51:38

Another vote for the Crabtree & Evelyn gardners handcream.

MsHomeSlice Thu 07-Dec-17 21:53:35

the hemp one absolutely stinks! But it is very good for dry/cracked skin

I'd go for something Loccitane...don't they do a bit of a selection pack?

RestingGrinchFace Thu 07-Dec-17 21:55:23

I love the l'occitane hand creams (in the tubes). They smell amazing and last forever. You can buy them in John Lewis.

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