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My homemade wreath - be brutally honest!

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Mars100 Thu 07-Dec-17 01:20:09

It's a bit sparse isn't it? Fiddly bugger - I sort of gave up on it - what do you reckon? My children laughed. DH said it had a certain charm.

joangray38 Thu 07-Dec-17 01:23:33

It's minimalistic and elegant . I like it.

oldlaundbooth Thu 07-Dec-17 01:25:16

I like it.

SleepFreeZone Thu 07-Dec-17 01:35:58

I wouldn't call it a wreath. It's more of a decoration 👍

pharp Thu 07-Dec-17 01:47:30

I would buy a wire or oasis ring and then use that as a base for what you have there. What you have made is a nice decoration but you could make it lovely with the right stuff. No one just makes wreaths from stalks and twigs etc - you need the foundations. smile

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 07-Dec-17 01:56:26

Wrap tinsel around it. Or leave it if you like the minimalist look.

fidgettt Thu 07-Dec-17 02:08:07

Being brutally honest, it's not a wreath so much as a round decoration. It still looks nice though. You can probably buy wreath making stuff online?

Christmascardqueen Thu 07-Dec-17 02:13:36

ummmmm okay so for starter a huge massive bow at the top would help. use wired ribbon please.... coordinate your colors. have long enough tails to drape in the center or on the outside.
next while you think about the bow remove the two tiny clumps of berries from the top (as they will be hidden behind the bow).
i'm willing to work with the oblong shape.
once you do the bow we can work on the next step.

CakesRUs Thu 07-Dec-17 02:15:23

If you were going for a teardrop shape, then you've nailed it. If not, some wire support might help.

Beautiful holly.

LadyB49 Thu 07-Dec-17 02:15:58

I think it's pretty but not a wreath.

I use a plastic wreath as a base and fill it in with green foliage and ivy from the garden.

pallisers Thu 07-Dec-17 02:20:02

it has a certain charm

Mars100 Thu 07-Dec-17 02:23:13

Well, you're kinder than my lot! I liked the fact that it's all from my garden, we're lucky we have a huge holly bush at the front.

Yes, a ribbon might improve things...

I will take onboard the advice - got visitors coming on Friday so will see if they keep straight faces then invest in a florists ring!

CheapSausagesAndSpam Thu 07-Dec-17 02:33:28

Of course it's a wreath Sleep and Fidgett ! What do people imagine wreaths are? Wreaths are officially...

an arrangement of flowers, leaves, or stems fastened in a ring and used for decoration or for graves

No mention of anything else. Wreath just means circle of foliage/flowers.

It's a lovely wreath OP. I like the more elegant type...not one for the big fat ones.

Havingahorridtime Thu 07-Dec-17 02:49:10

I like it and would be happy with it on my door

counterpoint Thu 07-Dec-17 02:56:39

Can you wear it as a festive necklace? smile

Seriously, I like it and would display it.

OtterInDisgrace Thu 07-Dec-17 02:56:47

I think it’s all in the definition. Call something a wreath and there’s a certain expectation attached. Call it a decoration and it can be and look like anything.

As a decoration, I think it’s genuinely charming.

Ginandplatonic Thu 07-Dec-17 03:25:22

I think it's a lovely wreath. Give me sparse minimalism over tacky glitz any day!

CheapSausagesAndSpam Thu 07-Dec-17 03:32:42

Otter I disagree....but that could be because I love vintage and antique books and illustrations and that sort of "slim" wreath has been around for many, many years.

Maybe the expectation is a contemporary one...doesn't mean it's correct though.

The thickness doesn't define the thing.

Qwebec Thu 07-Dec-17 03:36:16

Instead of a florist ring, you could add some long branches like dogwood to give it a rounder shape, but honestly it is fine.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Thu 07-Dec-17 03:39:50

To me it’s not a wreath because it’s not round.

It is pretty though.

iboughtsnowboots Thu 07-Dec-17 03:42:10

It's very pretty. If you wanted to make a more substantial one a cheap way is to bend a thin dry cleaning coat hanger into a circle and then wrap lots of ivy round this. This is quite twine like and much easier to wrap than holly. When it is a decent thickness of ivy strands you stick the holly sprays in and they have something to stick into. If you can access ivy easily it is very cheap to make. Your wreath looks very festive though.

Lashalicious Thu 07-Dec-17 03:45:53

I was prepared to come on here and be brutally honest even if it was awful. However, it is very charming. You could add a red or green ribbon bow if you wanted but it is lovely as is. I like it. Merry Christmas op and to all fsmile

Lashalicious Thu 07-Dec-17 03:47:03

It has a Victorian Dickens look to it, very pretty.

CarolsSecretCookieRecipe Thu 07-Dec-17 03:59:05

Looks nicely understated to me, and looks like it probably matches your front door, which from what I can see I also like smile

poooooooop Thu 07-Dec-17 05:50:23

I like it!

I made one too, can I post a pic?

I'm jealous of your red berries though. I couldn't find any Holly with berries on, or non skanky ones!

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