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Fingerlings - please help somebody clueless

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reluctantbrit Wed 06-Dec-17 21:40:33

I didn't know Fingerlings exist until I hit the Christmas threads. I am not somebody buying the latest "thing" and DD normally has no idea about anything en vogue as she doesn't watch advertisements.

So, DD is 10 and I saw that Cards Galore near work had these monkeys in the window. With £16.99 I think they may be real. But are they worth it? Has anybody actually played with them or engaged more than 5 minutes unless you are 6?

I am in two minds. On one hand I think DD having an "in toy" without asking is nice especially she is outgrowing typical toys (she was looked at like she lives in the moon recently when asking what a certain Pusheen is) on the other hand, it is quite expensive and I feel she gets enough anyway.

So please help me decide if I want to spend money or not tomorrow!

BeeMyBaby Wed 06-Dec-17 22:38:51

My DDs got them for DD2s birthday on Saturday (she turned 6), it was her main present and came with a climbing frame. They played with them for a wee bit but they have been chilling in the climbing frame for two days now untouched. I think they will get played with (they will just run about holding them) but they don't do a huge amount and I think a 10 year old would not get much enjoyment out of them except as some kind of very expensive pencil topper as shown in the promotional video.

reluctantbrit Thu 07-Dec-17 06:58:33


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