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St Nicholas

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NeverUseThisName Wed 06-Dec-17 07:08:08

St Nicholas lived in Turkey, so why does Santa Claus live at the North Pole?

Mistoffelees Wed 06-Dec-17 07:09:03

It was too hot for the required uniform in Turkey.

Annwithnoe Wed 06-Dec-17 08:31:10

Because Thomas Nast advised him to move there

reluctantbrit Wed 06-Dec-17 10:44:01

Maybe because Turkey is now not a Christian country anymore?

You could also say St. Nikolaus comes on the 6th, Santa Claus is Christmas, so there are two different guys? This is how we deal with it in our house (we are Germans)

NeverUseThisName Wed 06-Dec-17 12:50:25

Too hot - LOL

Have you ever been in Turkey in the winter? grin

Buxbaum Wed 06-Dec-17 14:12:40

Because the elves were at the North Pole and it was impractical to move the entire workforce.

NeverUseThisName Wed 06-Dec-17 15:16:39

I think St Nicholas's manager had monopolistic ambitions. Pagan Father Christmas lived in cold regions, and St Nicholas staged a buyout. Some countries bought in, but in a few countries the Monopolies Merger Commissions fought back.

Mistoffelees Fri 08-Dec-17 19:05:14

I haven't, but I imagine his busiest time (aside from Xmas Eve itself) is throughout the summer getting all the toys ready, by November he's off to locations to see children in garden centres etc. (I'm ignoring the fact this doesn't account for January onwards!)

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