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Christmas v Birthday budget, also siblings!

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AllGoodDogs Tue 05-Dec-17 22:09:16

Do you spend the same on Christmas per child as you do on their birthday? Also do you aim to spend the same on each child regardless of age? DS's are 9 & 5 this month and with it so close to Christmas I struggle with it all. I try and save during the year but some emergency will always pop up to dent the fund so pretty much everything has to come out of Nov/ Dec wages. With 4 years between them I can easily spend a fortune on the biggest but struggle to match it with the smallest without buying crap to even it up.

DS1 has a PS4 coming for his birthday, and that will likely be all. Family have got him a few games to go with it. His 2 year old kindle fire kids has just been replaced under warranty (he doesn't know the new one is here, he thinks its being fixed), but it makes sense to give the replacement to DS2 and buy him a better one as he uses it for more demanding games etc. DS2 will play Lego games and watch Netflix only. That's more money being spent on the oldest while youngest gets (esentially) a freebie. Oldest is also getting a new scooter as his is 3 years old and so well used the wheels are falling apart and the bearings are shot. DH stupidly bought the youngest a new scooter not long ago, despite me planning on getting him one for Christmas, so I really don't know what else to get him. He has a small box room and barely room for the toys he has without adding more....

Wow that was a waffle. Thanks for any insight / inspiration for 5 year old gifts!!

Glumglowworm Tue 05-Dec-17 23:15:12

I think it’s fine to spend less on one while they’re still young enough to not notice or care, if it happens to work out that way. Especially if oldest is getting a big expensive gift, there may be nothing of comparable value the youngest wants.

Next year it might be the other way around.

wendz86 Wed 06-Dec-17 08:35:58

I spend a bit less on birthdays as they usually get a party too . I’ve got the same amount of presents for each but spent more on the 6 year old than the 2 year old as she’s getting a tablet which is more expensive .

Lovemusic33 Wed 06-Dec-17 09:15:56

I depends what they have asked for, I don’t necessarily spend the same. I probably spend more on Christmas as they have a main present and then lots of little bits, birthdays they tend to get one present or sometimes 2.

Dd1 has got a 2ds for Christmas and a Amazon echo dot as well as several smaller things to open, for her birthday in Feb I think she wants a camera, it will cost more than what I normally spend but photography is something we do together as a family so it will get used a lot during the year and makes trips out a bit more fun for her. I’m hoping to pick one up in the sales after Christmas and save a little.

KC225 Wed 06-Dec-17 23:53:35

I spend the same but I have twins. So slightly different

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