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Wwyd? Present for 9 year old

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Pinkhoodie Tue 05-Dec-17 22:04:49

I'm in two minds over my 9 year old sons Xmas present.

I'm going to spend £50 more and it will either be on a football goal, or a tablet.

It was initially going to be the goal, but I'm thinking, it's winter, it's cold and wet and dark, so playing with the goal will be limited. Plus it looks as though we might be going out to family for Xmas dinner, so the goal will be left at home. At least he could take the tablet to play with.

Now he's getting older his other presents are mainly clothes and books which he's asked for. Want him to have something nice to play with on Xmas day.

fraggle84 Wed 06-Dec-17 06:41:30

I’d get a tablet - kindle fires are great.

Goal is a great idea but not really for the winter

ferriswheel Wed 06-Dec-17 06:54:23

Yeah, my eldests birthday was last week and I got him a skooter. Too cold, he's not been on it once.

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