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Anyone else putting their boots out for St Nicholas tonight?

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LustigLustig Tue 05-Dec-17 17:01:54

My DC are busy polishing their boots now.
They have been super-excited all day. We have stockings from Father Christmas on Christmas Eve too, so St Nicholas won't bring much -
apple, nuts, chocolates, and our new tradition of a Christmas jumper.

Anyone else? We leave our boots at the front door, so I might have to run down and put them out first thing in the morning - bit worried about them either being stolen or eaten by foxes (do foxes like chocolate and nuts?)

LillianGish Tue 05-Dec-17 20:26:23

Brilliant name - did you change it for this evening? Our first year living in Berlin when the children were tiny, I knew nothing about St Nicholas. On the morning of the 6th I came downstairs and should see something hanging outside the front door on the handle through the glass. I opened the door and there was a huge sack full of toys and sweets for the kids - I literally had no idea where it had come from. It still gives me goose bumps thinking of it now - there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and I truly felt as though Santa had been. Later that day our neighbour came round and said he and his wife had left it for the kids as they didn't think we'd know about St Nicholas! It's my favourite ever Christmas memory. Love Germany, love the Germans - still miss it, especially at Christmas.

Sludgecolours Tue 05-Dec-17 20:29:52

Here! (Belgium) Although we do have stockings at Christmas too!
And dd is older now so it is more symbolic than anything; just a few books and clothes along with speculoos biscuits, tangerines and a few chocolates in her boots!

Sludgecolours Tue 05-Dec-17 20:31:32

That's a lovely memory Lillian!

Boots go in the fireplace here Lustig!

endehors Tue 05-Dec-17 20:32:20

Yes! Though shoes by the (unlit) fire. They have tiny token gifts and chocolate letters of first name initial, and some Sinterklaas marzipan shapes.

Acopyofacopy Tue 05-Dec-17 20:32:54

Shoes are ready here! I love Nikolaus, so do the kids and even English dh appreciates the Lindors...
Also, stellt die Stiefel raus!

toriap2 Tue 05-Dec-17 20:40:10

I asked my 14 year old DD if she was maybe a little old for St Nicholaus. She said no, bigger feet, bigger shoes, more chocolate lol.

Lostflipflop Tue 05-Dec-17 20:42:27

Yes, I am living in Germany and we do this. Sweets if they are good and sticks if they are naughty! Mine always get a mix of both!

AdaColeman Tue 05-Dec-17 20:48:40

I've got my speculoos biscuits (in the shape of a bishop) all ready for tomorrow! fsmile

LustigLustig Tue 05-Dec-17 21:08:05

Lillian what a lovely memory!

We live in the UK now, but DD has a boy in her class who does it too, so they have been comparing notes (and foot sizes - DD is worried he will get more than her because he has bigger feet! fgrin

steppemum Tue 05-Dec-17 21:11:47

No! Sinterklaas came this afternoon, shoes have been out for the last week, and this morning had chocolate letters in. Dcs are 15, 12 and 10, and we were firmly told that Sinterklaas STILL has to come in person grin

steppemum Tue 05-Dec-17 21:17:40

we used to live in central asia, so we had 5th dec, then Christmas, and then they give presents at new year there. Add in a dec birthdya and december was chaos!

Cheesecake53 Tue 05-Dec-17 21:21:32

We do! My DS wet his shoes whilst cleaning them and now they are currently under the radiator. To us comes Nikolaus amd he brings nuts, oranges, sweets and a small gift.

PeekabooPoo Tue 05-Dec-17 21:21:37

I'm dutch, living in the UK - I cannot explain the concept of zwarte piet to anyone (my dh swears I'm making up this part of my childhood, despite numerous Google images)

pleasegoaway Tue 05-Dec-17 21:24:53

Yes, shoes cleaned and outside (live in the UK but hope others will just ignore....).

Both children very excited and one of the ways I try to sell being half German to them smile

boldlygoingsomewhere Tue 05-Dec-17 21:24:58

Sinterklaas is paying a visit here tonight. Shoes are ready and we've been preparing by playing traditional songs in the car on the way to/from nursery.

steppemum Tue 05-Dec-17 21:26:40

peekaboo - dh has this wonderful sinterklaas costume, made by his sister. As my youngest is now 10, it is looking like it is almost in its last year.
he recently said that maybe he could be sinterklaas for any other Dutch kids living in our area. Then he suggested that dcs coudl black up and be zwarte piet.
He really couldn't understand why I said no, not ever, not in uk.
What, not even for Dutch families?
Umm, no. smile

AgainPlease Tue 05-Dec-17 21:27:52

Yes smile Eastern European here (living in London). Loads and loads of chocolate for us! English DH still doesn’t quite get the tradition though.

steppemum Tue 05-Dec-17 21:30:48

Do Germans call him sinterklaas too? I thought he was something different in Germany.

haveacupoftea Tue 05-Dec-17 21:31:32

No...DPs boots are at the door but they're covered in cow shit fconfused

pleasegoaway Tue 05-Dec-17 21:32:30

Nikolaus for Germans.

PeekabooPoo Tue 05-Dec-17 21:38:29

@steppemum I'd join your sinterklaas party, and wouldn't bat an eye at your zwarte Piet DC wink

GlowWine Tue 05-Dec-17 21:39:43

Here too, but the tradition I grew up with (northern Germany) is a plate under the bed so that's what the kids put out. He frequently brings new slippers in our house though so you still get the boots...

cowssheephens Tue 05-Dec-17 21:43:07

This sounds lovely...can someone explain the tradition for me? Thanks.

reluctantbrit Tue 05-Dec-17 21:48:08

DD, 10, is just going up with her boot. We are Germans and she also has two half-Germans in her class at school so there will be a lot of whispering going on.

She gets a small present, this year Christmas earrings and a new fidget spinner.

I had to wait until school was over as a child and got sweets in a plate, not a boot.

Chocolate santas are also in my bag for work tomorrow for my team at work.

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