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Share what you’ve bought your DC here!

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thecraddock Tue 05-Dec-17 10:56:38

My favourite threads of the year are these ones and haven’t seen one yet.

For DD (6) I have:


thecraddock Tue 05-Dec-17 10:58:48

Sylvanian badger family
Trolls xmas dvd
Pyjamas and slippers
Jill Tomlinson book set
Sticker mosaic book
Nail stickers
Bath bombs
Smiggle shite
Lol dolls x3


Justabadwife Tue 05-Dec-17 11:12:15

Dd is 8 and i have bought her


Selfie stick
Oidz magnets
Kinetic sand
Toiletry bag
Fill a bottle with sand
Jelly belly sweets


Orbeez footspa
Orbeez Crush And Create
Marble Solitaire
Pokemon guess
Gel a peel deluxe set
Lego jungle half tracks
Hama Beads
Lego elves return of the goblin king
Lego friends set with an ice rink
Lego friends hot chocolate van
Speak out kids vs parents

passemoilevin Tue 05-Dec-17 11:46:36

DD (2)


Toy princesses
Peppa pig playing cards
Sticker book
Card games (e.g shopping list game)
Bath crackle stuff
Hatching dinosaur egg

Presents under the tree

Dolls house
Balance bike
Rosebud treetop house
Dolly set
Make your own jewellery
Tools for playdoh
Toy picnic hamper
Shape and number puzzle
Lots of new books
Gruffalo jigsaw
Toy cakes and fruit and veg which you can cut etc
Peppa pig classroom Playset
Peppa pig and gruffalo sticker book
Chef dress up set
Peppa pig playdoh figure maker
Mahoosive kinder egg (she's obsessed)

Might give her one or two today though as we're full of cold and miserable.

MakeUpGirl Tue 05-Dec-17 18:57:43

DD 3.5


Owlette mask
Owlette light up figure
Trolls hairbrush
Hat & gloves
Pom poms


Wooden kitchen & food
Playmobil hospital
Peppa pig rocket
Aqua beads
Craft stuff
Crazy sand
Play make up
Little live pets
PJ masks headquarters

Littlelambpeep Tue 05-Dec-17 19:02:00

3 and 4

Balance bike and scooter
Trunki suitcases
Remote control cars
Road signs for the garden
Lego starter set

Equimum Tue 05-Dec-17 19:59:01

DS1 (nearly 5):
3 Switch & go dinosaurs
5 Schleich dinosaurs
Dinosaur magformers set
OT Pop to the Shops game
OT world map puzzle
Dinosaur books
(Stocking: small lego set, story cubes, Top Trumps, giant lolly, chocolate Santa, joke book, hatching dinosaur egg & dinosaur bath fizzer, headtorch)

DS2 (2):
Giant cuddly dinosaur
Wooden roadway set
Wooden vehicle (for roadway)
Kinetic sand
OT Dotty Dinosaur game
Magnetic ball maze puzzle thingy

(Stocking: small tractor toy, the dinosaur that pooped mini book set, frog that sticks it’s tongue out, head torch, Dino egg, Dino bath fizzer, giant lolly, chocolate santa)

SatsukiKusakabe Tue 05-Dec-17 19:59:15

Ds 6

Power Rangers Megazord
Hotwheels track set
Jungle Lego sets
Stormtrooper figure
Nerf shooter cars thing
Nerf Gun
Ice Age 5 dvd
Books - Where’s Wally set, How to Write your own Comic Book, Tom Gates, Beano Annual

Dd 4

Enchantimals set
OG doll
Rapunzel and horse
Moana Lego
Imaginext Pink Ranger
Small Hot wheels track
Playmobil School Bus
Light sabre
Superhero Girls DVD
Books - Disney Princess early readers set, Winnie the Pooh Storybook collection, Sticker Dolly Dressing, Disney Annual

They have got each other a small Hatchimals set and die-cast Star Wars vehicles.

Chrisinthemorning Tue 05-Dec-17 20:11:53

DS is 5.
Main Santa present:
Playmobil cruise ship
Santa sack under the tree:
Playmobil fire engine
Light up Lego set
Rescue bots set
Dinosaur archaeology set
Books- Dr Seuss, superheroes readers and Superbat
Thundercats t shirt
Playmobil hospital
Big Lego city police helicopter set
Playmobil Caesar and Cleopatra
Christmas Lego set
Toucan box craft set
Star Wars figures
Glitter glue
Coloured Pritt sticks
crayola twistable pencils
Scooby doo figures set
Choc coins and jelly beans
Lego man soap
Whoopie cushion
Light saber toothbrush
Ewok bubble bath
Magic flannel

elQuintoConyo Tue 05-Dec-17 20:14:24

6Yo has got (off the top of my head!):

Slipper socks
Winnie the Pooh activity book
Small road signs
HUGE chocolate coin
Ten-coloured biro
His name LED lights
Batman top
Playmobil bride + groom (our weddi g cake toppers grin)

Train track with passenger and goods trains
Spongebob boardgame
Jenga boardgame
Snakes + ladders
Jigsaw of Europe
Map of the world in a frame (v big)
Wooden train whistle
Minions car organiser
Where's Wally
Paint your own dinosaur

Maybe a few more bits. It is also his birthday this week shock

I'm looking forward to him unwrapping everything, he's going to light up when he sees his train! Not sure anything else will be unwrapped until Boxing Day or beyond!

neversleepagain Tue 05-Dec-17 20:55:58

5 year old twin girls.

Unicorn keyring
Unicorn Popper toy
Squishy cake
Wind up mermaid for the bath
Wind up jumping frog (we have races on Christmas day)
Swimming goggles
Lindt chocolate coins
Sugar mouse

Under the tree:
Two wheel bike and new helmets
2 books
Art pack
Art sequence kit
Large ponies with hair to comb/style
Joules Wellies
Barbie doll
Barbie mermaid doll
Glitter Playdoh
Board game (one is getting Dobble and the other Headbandz)
Hot water bottle with fluffy owl cover.

This is everything, including what family have bought.

OrchidShmorchid Tue 05-Dec-17 21:03:58

Dd1 (4)
LOL Big Surprise
LOL Surprise Pets x2
LOL Balls (big and small x4)
Snakes and Ladders
Framed LOL Doll print for her room
Photo of her and her sister for her room with special frame
New teddy

No idea what she will have for bits and bobs in her stocking, smellies and new hair brush and bobbles plus few sweets and chocs I expect

Dd2 (6 months)
Musical caterpillar
Baby doll
Sophie le Giraffe

Stocking - probably just a new teddy and new moccons and a few sleepsuits, things for her to rip open rather than actual presents

escape Tue 05-Dec-17 21:06:15

Mine will have a good few less parcels to open this year, after 16 yrs of 'Mumming' I'm at peace with not 'bulking' out piles and inventing things to buy them.
By the same token , they are all 3 getting new phones - but they are upgrades etc so cost wise is neglible, and I'm excited as none of them have a clue.
From me...
DD - 16
Laptop - New but bargain
Phone ( upgrade )
Full stocking ( yet to buy- novelties & nick nacks )
Ted Baker Dressing Gown
College Bag
ELF makeup
CD / Books.

Son 12
Pleather Jacket
Dressing Gown
Full stocking ( nick nacks etc )

From Family
Football Shirt
Xbox game
Retro Atari to share with brother

Son 11
Exactly same as his Brother but football boots instead of Pleather Jacket.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Tue 05-Dec-17 21:16:02

DS (7)

Miniature drone
Faraway Tree audiobook
Nerf car shooter thing
Books (mostly DK encyclopaedias)
Whoopie cushion
Fart whistle

elQuintoConyo Tue 05-Dec-17 21:22:35

Lowdoor whoopee cushion AND fart whistle grin are you shopping for my husband?

BrieAndChilli Tue 05-Dec-17 21:32:34

DS1 age 11

Zelda 3DS game x 2
Zelda book
Prisoners of Goegraphy book
Lego particle physics book
Off the map book
Star Wars locations book
Risk Europe board game
Letter from Father Christmas by Tolkien
Backpacker card game

DD age 9
Gymnastics beam
Sylvanian families play pirate ship
Fimo set
Jojo make you own bow
Jojo dice game
Cursed child book
Harry Potter colouring book
Tilly Ramsey’s cookbook
Jojo journal
Gym shorts with her name in diamanté on

DS2 age 7
Lego jungle crashed plane
Lego chase macain police chase set
Pokemon guess game
Nocto bat
Pop up Lego book
Everything to know about Lego book
Top trumps

Lowdoorinthewal1 Tue 05-Dec-17 21:33:44


BrieAndChilli Tue 05-Dec-17 21:33:47

Every year I twitch as they don’t have much so list is actually quite a lot and I keep thinking I havnt got them loads! Then they get loads from family and it’s crazy amount that they get!

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Tue 05-Dec-17 21:37:13

DS17 told me last week that he had everything he could possibly wish for and all he wanted was his dad to be better (DH has cancer).

He's had a tough year, and is a good boy, so we are getting him:
New charger cable
Twisters for army trousers
SD card
Miniature Baileys
Brazilian coffee (he's fussy about coffee)

And probably lots of other little bits. I thought he was hard to buy for, but seeing it all written down it looks like a lot!

wiltingfast Tue 05-Dec-17 21:39:11


Sylvanian families starry lighthouse
A family to live in it
A baby for the family
Elves Lego
Handmade soft rabbit a woman was selling at work
2 little miss books


That starry trek robot in Lego BB8
A metal detector
Roblox zombie attack
Oxford Missouri US warship
A quiz game fsmile

I've only just remembered they have 2 small STOCKINGS! fshock I'll probably put a few sweets in those.

BrieAndChilli Tue 05-Dec-17 21:39:37

So from various family they are getting

Professor Layton 3DS games x 2
Quite a few books including coding books, and geography books
Air powered car set to make
Lego crazy contraptions book set
Star Wars Lego sets about 4 I think
Metal detector

Several books
Quixels 3D set
Our generation horse
Sparkle science set
Gymnastics bag
Sewing machine
Stickbot animation studio
Gymnastics set for her doll

Jungle lego command centre
Lego police mobile command centre
Laser tag set
Sonic Xbox game
Several Lego dimensions figure sets
Some books

Emily7708 Tue 05-Dec-17 21:44:46


Lego Friends Snow Resort Ski Lift
Shopkins plane
Shoppie dolls 4 pack
Fingerlings unicorn
Fingerlings monkey
Smiggle backpack, pencil case and other Smiggle crap
Horrible Histories book set
Latest Wimpy Kid and David Walliams books
Horrible Histories Top Trumps
Lego Reindeer
Unicorn pyjamas and slippers
Various bits and bobs

Got lots of stuff in 3 for 2 offers and sales

GreenRut Tue 05-Dec-17 21:45:19

All dcs stockings are minor variations of :

Bath bomb
Shower gel
Clips/ bobbles
Chocolate coins
Xmas chocolate variety thing
Large tube smarties
Multi pack their favourite crisps
Silly straw that is like a pair of glasses
Word search
Mega pack of gel pens
Pink hairspray for the dds

Main presents: all have

A kiddi zoom camera
Lots of books
Some outfits

Then ds (8) is getting thunder trax, a wii game, a calculator, a board game

Dd6 is getting a play post office, new boots, mosaic thing, friendship bead thing, micro scooter

Dd4 is getting play doh set, a set of pretend doll pram high chair etc, new furniture for her dolls house.

Joskar Tue 05-Dec-17 22:06:09

Dd1 (4)

Amkov Camera and sd card

From relatives:
My Little Pony set
Magnetic dress up dolls
Superhero capes and masks set
Dressing gown

Dd2 (2)

Amkov camera and sd card

From relatives:
Tomy Bath Foam Cone thingy
Armbands for swimming
Dressing gown

DS (3 months)

Bath toys
Swimming costume
Minions bubble bath
I don't know what the relatives are buying him

The girls will get a stocking each with felt tips, drawing paper, sweeties, crazy straws, hair clips, pencil case, paint sticks, chopsticks, head torches, a pot of glitter play doh and other pound shop stuff. And they get a game (Buckeroo) and a DVD (despicable me 3) to share.

Am I being mean? Should I get more stuff? Writing it down it looks a bit paltry. What else should I get?

AnotherWorry Tue 05-Dec-17 22:25:24

DD (8)

Playmobil Hospital
Big Lego Creative box
Snap Electronics Circuit set
'special' Belle & Boo tea set (to replace all the toddler ones that eventually got wrecked)
Party dress for Gotz doll
Fart machine

DS (6)

Playmobil Police Station
Lego Volcano helicopter
Light up Globe
SIKU helipad
Airfix German fighter plane
Wooden 'thomas' engines and cargo

Smaller things will go in stockings with all manner of tat like character flannels, beanie boos, hair accessories, blind bags, rubber ducks etc.

I'm really pleased with the selection. I could have just stopped with the 2 or 3 main gifts but I think I've actually been quite restrained this year.

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