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Are all turkey crowns the same?

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millimat Tue 05-Dec-17 07:26:34

Apologies if this has been posted before (can't find it), but I'm looking to pre order a turkey crown. Is there really a difference between m&s, asda, Morrisons etc or is a turkey a turkey?hmm

RhinoGirl Tue 05-Dec-17 07:38:33

I personally think there is a difference, I find the Sainsburys turkeys the best. So delicious and never dry, but the dryness or lack of is due to cooking.

CinnamonStar Tue 05-Dec-17 09:37:54

The main differences are bronze or white turkey - bronze are more traditional, slower growing and have a stronger flavour. They are likely to be free-range, and they are more expensive (because they take longer to raise). White grow faster, and don't have a very strong flavour. They are cheaper and more likely to have been raised in a barn, but not necessarily.
You would have to look at individual supermarkets, but I would have thought most would sell both types.

BahFriggingHumbug Tue 05-Dec-17 09:43:33

I have a Sainsbury's Bronze free range one on order, I always get them, they are really nice, bit more expensive but its only once a year!

Branleuse Tue 05-Dec-17 09:50:25

i think m&s won all the turkey crown taste tests this year

Branleuse Tue 05-Dec-17 09:50:59

escape Tue 05-Dec-17 10:29:57

Bit of trial and error I think.
Had M&S for past 5 years and last 2 really underwhelming - going with market butcher this year.
Incidentally, bought one off him the other week as it was a fiver (!) and needed something quickly for lunch the next day - didn't do anything with it but bung it in the oven and it was the best Turkey I've eaten in years... - could taste it , lol.

millimat Tue 05-Dec-17 21:42:10

Thank you. I'll read that link.

pisacake Wed 06-Dec-17 03:42:40

turkey crowns are wrong and a sin against nature, let's be honest.

gerbo Wed 06-Dec-17 07:01:40

I have a sainsburys bronze crown sitting in my freezer.

Any cooking tips? Simply cover in butter and seasoning, cover with foil and roast? Is there even a cavity to put anything up?! (Haven't cooked a crown before.)

CappuccinoCake Wed 06-Dec-17 07:05:00

We're just doing a crown this year. I don't need it to taste strongly meaty....

LizzieSiddal Wed 06-Dec-17 07:06:16

What’s wrong with them pisa?

We always have one as there are usually only 7 of us and we go away after Xmas so don’t want leftovers hanging around for days.

I always buy a M&S free range which has stuffing in it.

MiaowTheCat Wed 06-Dec-17 07:29:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Wed 06-Dec-17 08:24:17

M&S turkey breast joints are pretty foolproof, and come in different sizes.
Not seen them in store yet, but usually buy a fresh one as soon as they are out and keep in freezer.

pisacake Wed 06-Dec-17 08:38:07

I just think you should have a whole turkey

U2HasTheEdge Wed 06-Dec-17 09:24:52

I have pre ordered mine from M&S.

Apart from my husband we only really like the breast anyway, so a whole turkey is a waste.

What are you talking about pisacake why do you think someone should have a turkey if they don't want one?

Dailystuck71 Wed 06-Dec-17 16:09:46

We had two turkeys last year. First one from the butchers. Absolutely delicious. Second one from Sainsbury’s on Boxing Day. £35 reduced to a few pounds and put in the freezer. We had it late January. It was awful. Dry and tasteless. It was their best range too. It was chopped up and blended into soup. We couldn’t eat it with the veg it was served with.

Yes, there is very much a difference.

TheRebelHedgehog Wed 06-Dec-17 19:44:03

Turkey Crowns are definitely a false economy.

LizzieSiddal Wed 06-Dec-17 20:31:47

They aren’t a false economy if you don’t want a huge turkey, or if everyone only likes breast meat!

Why can’t people think beyond their own families?

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