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Tell me your Christmas traditions!

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yawning801 Sun 03-Dec-17 20:01:58

I'll start!

1. Naice croissants for breakfast on Christmas morning
2. Arranging the presents in a muddle under the tree, then divvying them out in the morning (because Santa has no time for organisation!)
3. Blackadder's Christmas Carol
4. Christingle on Christmas Eve.

Your turn!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 03-Dec-17 20:41:40

Current ones - (they've evolved over the years as my DC have got older)

We always have Christmas Dinner when it's dark. Candles on the table.
It used to be Dinner Before Dr Who but since PC (and now the new Dr) , I don't think DS is bothered , though DH might watch it.

Everyone has to dress up nicely for Dinner , no PJs all day here .

Christmas Eve Hampers now on the 1st. New PJs, robes, slippers , underwear , a Selection box and a bath smelly.

DS Birthday in December , we have a meal out (his choice) so its always a Carvery (Toby)

I do a £2 Jar through the year (one of those tins you open with a can opener) this year we did £2 ad any coin under 20p. In November it gets cashed up and split ( I think we each got £55 )
DS bought an XBox game , DD bought Calvin Klein underwear , DH bought something for his computer, I put mine towards the M&S leopard coat fgrin . The only rule is "spend it on yourself "

DD and I go to a Theatre show (Ballet , Little Matchgirl, Christmas Carol ) Used to be cinema when they were little , or Panto.

DD and I go to London before Christmas , just to nosey, not really to buy anything , but if we see something then maybe. But not last minute OMG shopping pressure.

Late night buffet on 24th so we don't have a big breakfast unless we have visitors. Just toast, eggs, coffee .

The guinea-pigs have their photos taken on Christmas Eve with festive hats on , sitting on a festive fleece. Then they get all the veg peelings (that are suitable for them) for supper.

Watching The Snowman is compulsary

I watch the soaps ( mainly Corrie and Emmerdale but I'll squeeze in Eastenders because they'll have a shit Christmas )

Ellapaella Sun 03-Dec-17 22:03:44

Panto on Christmas Eve afternoon and carol/crib service at church around 6pm.
Home for baths, Christmas pj’s, buffet tea and a Christmas movie.
Once kids are in bed dh and I drink wine and put the presents out and fill stockings etc.
Christmas Day up at crack of dawn usually. The kids come into our bed to open stockings then we head downstairs for cooked breakfast and then present opening.
Walk on beach at some point during the day, dinner around 4pm then slob around the rest of the day.
I used to love watching eastenders on Xmas day but haven’t done that for years.

wendz86 Sun 03-Dec-17 22:15:53

Kids choose a new decoration each for the tree every year.
Walk on Christmas Day .
Board games in the evening.

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Sun 03-Dec-17 22:27:53

Advent calendar contains chocolate and some days have a Christmas activity and some have new pjs, decoration or sweater. Make gingerbread on Christmas Eve with proseco. Go to the village to see santa on his sleigh (on the back of a pick up) Have PIL round for big breakfast then go to my granny's for lunch. That's about it I think

thedcbrokemybank Sun 03-Dec-17 23:02:51

Christingle and then a drive around town to look at the lights on everyone's houses.
Family service on Christmas Eve followed by food and drinks with the neighbors.
Kids are allowed to open one stocking present without us. Allowed into our room at 7 to open the rest.
Noone allowed in the sitting room until coffee is made and animals fed.
Champagne brunch with extended family.

Juanbablo Mon 04-Dec-17 03:19:58

Dcs choose a new tree decoration every year.

Christmas Eve visit to the Christingle service or Crib service at the church. Back home for dinner and the elves have left new pjs. Bath, Christmas film (usually a short one) and then lay out the sacks and Santa's mince pie and drink.

Bacon rolls, cinnamon swirls and fruit salad for Christmas breakfast. After opening the sacks.

Then shower and get dressed and open the presents under the tree.

QueenOnAPlate Mon 04-Dec-17 14:45:30

We have a hot chocolate tray through December with lots of different flavours, toppings and squirts cream, cheapie Christmas mugs etc - my teens still love it.

We go sledging on Christmas Eve at the indoor ski centre, have a takeaway and watch movies till late. We eat sausage and mash on Christmas Day as I can't be bothered to cook properly and we do the big dinner on Boxing Day.
We play 'mean Christmas' on the day everyone has broken up which is basically a bingo game with naff prizes we can steal from each other.

We are very often on call over Christmas ( foster family) so no alcohol as we have to be ready for anything. Our plans can go very much by the wayside!

fromtheshires Mon 04-Dec-17 16:20:21

A shot of scotch for me (family tradition from a youngish age), drive to see the FIL to see him - he doesn't do Christmas so now MIL is dead he does nothing and won't go anywhere. As a compromise we have Boxing Day nibbles and games at his Boxing Day evening

Then it's off to may parents for lunch. We then play games into the evening and get ready to celebrate Christmas with the presents etc on Boxing Day for the huge family get together before shooting on back to FIL's

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