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What do you do one the day. One child one parent families?

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Alakazam7 Sun 03-Dec-17 19:35:13

It’s my first Christmas as a little family with an 8 year old. I’ve planned all the run up and am very happy with that but a bit lost for what to do on the day. There will just be the two of us as we are going to visit and stay with family on Boxing Day so we are not likely to have any visitors I don’t think.
Obv there is presents for her, dinner and probably a Christmas film, we will go to church the night before so won’t have that.
We have started to really enjoy the run up so don’t want the day to fall flat. What do other small families do to make the day really special and memorable.

Zevitevitchofcrimas Sun 03-Dec-17 20:51:55

Can it just be relaxing if you your doing lots of stuff in run up and on boxing day. She will have time and space to enjoy all her fabulous music, play board games with her later on.. Have candles... Fun film lined up..

Zevitevitchofcrimas Sun 03-Dec-17 20:52:40

Some of the my warmest best memories are playing board games with df.

MadMags Sun 03-Dec-17 20:56:54

I’d plan a really special breakfast - something you wouldn’t usually have.

Get the Christmas fm app and listen while you make breakfast together after/Before presents.

If she’s getting any outdoorsy presents or you have a dog, I’d wrap up and go for a walk then come home and do board games/play with presents.

Then dinner, followed my Christmas movies in our pjs with hot chocolate. It’ll be lovely!

Redtartanshoes Sun 03-Dec-17 20:57:13

If it’s a nice day go out for a walk somewhere, feed the ducks. Play games, watch tv, eat nice stuff. Nice bath with bath bombs or similar?

MonaChopsis Sun 03-Dec-17 21:53:18

I have a DD and was worried about this our first Xmas alone together. Make sure as much food prep as possible is done beforehand Xmas Day, so you don't have spend hours in the kitchen. Buy at least one present that you can 'do' together, either a game, or a Lego set to make, something like that. Keep the day informal and play lots, but also relax together by watching something seasonal on TV or dvd.

Alakazam7 Sun 03-Dec-17 23:08:54

Thanks for the replies- puts my mind at rest a bit. A walk is a good idea maybe and lots of playing. She’s got some presents of things we can do together and time to relax. Love the idea of dinner then pjs- sounds great. Had thought of a special breakfast.
Just didn’t want the day to end up feeling like just another day! Want to make memories for her!

MonaChopsis Mon 04-Dec-17 07:11:36

Alakazam as an suggestion for a special breakfast... You can get part-baked chocolate croissants/pain au chocolats. Once again, they feel like a real treat but don't involve 20 mins kitchen prep time! Have a fabulous day, you will both really enjoy it xx

freshstart24 Mon 04-Dec-17 08:12:14

OP, I have one DC and for a while was a single parent living with just my lovely DS. I went to my mums for Christmas, but did consider spending it as just the two of us, and after traipsing for hours there and back I sort of wished that I had.

I am now married and have 'everyone' over every other year, with my SIL having 'everyone' over on the years inbetween. Everyone is 15 people, lots of whom star for several days.

It is utter chaos and despite a lot of planning and help from my lovely DH I do spend most of the day cooking and dashing about. I have little time for DS who is the youngest child on Christmas Day by far, and I wish I could spend more time with him.

I guess that I'm trying to say that just in case you wish it wasn't the two of you, maybe try to think that the loud enormous family christmasses advertised in the TV are not everyone's ideal, and bring their own challenges. Having time for your DD is precious indeed, and I'm sure you will have a wonderful day.

How about: a breakfast that you never usually have; light candles together; Christmas music in background; present opening (maybe save a couple for later if possible); include presents to / from pets if you have them; a treasure hunt; put Christmas jumpers on; go for a walk together; Christmas dinner; film; a couple of games together; a Christmassy bath time with lush bath bombs.

Maybe include some presents that you can enjoy doing together- Lego, craft, baking, jigsaw.

I second what others have said about prepping food in advance and cutting corners so that you aren't slaving in the kitchen.

Finally, once DD is in bed a treat for yourself- a bath, or a manicure, or a film.

Wishing you a lovely day with your DD.

Trialsmum Mon 04-Dec-17 17:16:08

We’re in a similar position this year but there is dh, me and ds (8). We’ll have presents then a nice breakfast. We’ll have Christmas dinner at 5 rather than lunch time as I find it stretches out the day then a bit of family tv or a film. Ds is getting a few board games (Harry Potter Cluedo and Pokemon Monopoly) so we’ll play those at some point. I hope we’ll be able to fill the day but I worry it’ll be a bit flat. We’re seeing family on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day though so we’re not that hard done to!

Trialsmum Mon 04-Dec-17 17:16:59

Oh yeah and dh and ds will definitely be building some Lego!

Whitecovers Mon 04-Dec-17 17:31:14

We had this for breakfast one year and it was divine! You can prep it the night before and bake in the morning.

Then I would open presents, go for a walk, get in pjs, have dinner and play some games.

You'll have a lovely day.

Clairenewbie Mon 04-Dec-17 23:27:38

My ideal Christmas..make dinner and just mooch watching tv while the kids play with their toys
Eat chocolate just completely chill out

Redtartanshoes Thu 07-Dec-17 07:54:17

I’m buying ds a waffle maker so that will be his breakfast sorted.

Lovemusic33 Thu 07-Dec-17 13:09:45

Not a one child family but it’s my first Christmas alone with my 2 dd’s.

Red I have bought dd1 a waffle maker, really looking forward to making waffles together.

We are going to try and stagger present opening (I always say things but it never happens).

We are going to stay in pj’s all day, eat lots of food, play board games, make waffles and watch rubbish tv. I can’t wait grin.

Ted27 Thu 07-Dec-17 13:23:13

open stockings in bed with a mug of tea, breakfast - we save raspberries from the allotment to make smoothies, christmas tree presents, phone grandparents and friends. Attempt a quick tidy. Go for a walk/ run

My son is a teenager now so I expect he will want to go on the xbox in the afternoon, I have 6 unread copies of National Geographic which I fully intend to get through! Lasagne and apple crumble and custard for dinner. Christmas movie, chocolate in the evening. Boxing day pretty much the same.
I find the run up to Christmas so busy that by the time we get to Christmas Eve, we are just glad to shut the door, get the cosy pjs on and chill out for a few days.
We have lots of activities planned with friends before and after Christmas Day itself so I don't feel we miss out or are isolated in any way. Its nice to spend some time together with no time pressure to be anywhere else,

Alakazam7 Thu 07-Dec-17 13:43:50

Just caught up with all the lovely ideas on here. Will go through them all asap. Up to my eyes in wrapping paper before the school run.
I don’t wish at all that it wasn’t just the two of us, just want to make it the best day possible for us so all these ideas will really help!

Sadik Thu 07-Dec-17 15:30:53

Just wanted to say how much I love this thread smile I will have my elderly parents here for much of the day, but looking forwards to some time just me & teenage dd in the morning, and will be picking up on some of the suggestions here.

AJPTaylor Thu 07-Dec-17 19:55:09

Two words
Marble run

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