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Doll dilemma- Our Generation, Designafriend, or Gotz Precious Days?

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InflagranteDelicto Sun 03-Dec-17 10:57:46

DD2 (9yo, 10 in Feb) wants another DaF doll, the one with the long hair. Naturally by payday it's sold out in argos. Previous DaF doll has had to have a drastic bob haircut because the hair began to mat after a year/18mths. Don't know which to go for, one of the other DaFs, none of which really will tick her box, the OG one, or one of the cheaper GOTZ ones.

Been researching, the others all have bigger (more realistic I think!) bodies against the DAF dolls, so would really appreciate thoughts from anyone whose dc have one or more of the above, how they've worn, especially hair wise, how interchangeable the clothes are. This is the sort of thing it would be very easy to get wrong, I fear.


Nearlyadoctor Sun 03-Dec-17 15:35:40

Dd now 10.5 wanted a doll last year - we did a lot of research i.e. Gotz, DAF, American girl and OG. She decided on OG which she has loved, brushed and styled hair and it hasn't matted at all. This year she has asked for another.

Previously she wasn't interested in dolls at all, so I was happy to look at the expensive dolls on Petalina or American girl but really glad we went with OG reasonably priced and imo excellent quality.

CinnamonStar Sun 03-Dec-17 15:49:22

We have quite a few dolls, and DD has another for Christmas. We don't have any DAF or OG though.

I spent a long time agonising this year, and in the end went with WeGirls (similar price to OG on Amazon) because I thought DD would prefer hard rather than soft body, and because they have nice smiley faces. They have the same sort of hair as Gotz, and look like good quality. Also their eyes clothes, which DD likes, and which a surprising number of dolls don't do.

We have a Gotz doll too and the hair has lasted very well. We also have a Paolo Reina(?) Soy Tu and I was also impressed with how the hair stands up to having hair elastics twisted into it. In fact, I think the Paolo Reina one is the best doll we have, though it doesn't have as much limb movement as some dolls. It is a bit shorter, but the clothes and shoes for 18 inch dolls all seem to fit fine.

OG have smaller feet than most of the others of the same size, so if you go for a different one, OG shoes probably won't fit, not sure if that is something to bear in mind. OG do seem to do way more clothes and accessories, and they are fairly reasonably priced - though we have bought a fair few outfits from John Lewis own brand, and they have been good - not a huge range though.

Sites like Petalina dolls and Frilly Lilly show lots of different brands unclothed, along with their measurements, which is useful I think.

SatsukiKusakabe Sun 03-Dec-17 17:28:01

I haven’t seen a DAF, but we have chosen an OG doll this year based on reading around lots of reviews of both. I also looked up past threads on here and the consensus seemed to be that the DAF, though nice, had a few issues with quality.

I have the OG doll and she seems lovely but has not been played with yet obviously! We got it in Smyths and they were quite reasonably priced in there.

InflagranteDelicto Sun 03-Dec-17 19:55:46

Thank you flowers

Dd2 bust me on the laptop when she went to do her homework. Rookie error! It came out ok, as she's seen them on you tube and by the time I'd realised my mistake had chosen one. Job done!

Foxjar Sun 03-Dec-17 20:07:11

We had Gotz Hannah and a HappyKidz just packed into the loft for my future grandchildren.< sob>

Hair as immaculate as the day we bought them,they've had a lot of abuse too.

Glittermakeseverythingbetter Sun 03-Dec-17 20:09:47

Just for future reference, we washed designafriend doll hair in the sink with baby shampoo and towel dried, which made it easier to brush.

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