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Present ideas for 4, 5 and 8 year olds!

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Hiphopapotamus4 Sat 02-Dec-17 11:36:47

I’m buying for my sisters 3 children this year and for the first time we will be with them over Christmas (they live abroad so don’t normally see them). I want to get them all something really nice as we so rarely get to see them but I’m not sure what is considered a cool/exciting gift for their ages! I’ve asked my sister but she helpfully suggested I get them “whatever I think they’ll like”

So they are:
4 year old girl. Very girly, loves princesses, dressing up etc

5 (nearly 6) year old boy. Loves cars/trains/anything that goes fast!

8 year old girl, less of a “girly girl” than her sister but loves unicorns/mermaids/etc

So if you have children of similar age please tell me what they would LOVE to receive from their “cool aunt” wink

CarrotVan Sat 02-Dec-17 12:09:56

4yo - Disney princess dress, matching book

5yo - does he have a train set like Brio? If so an interesting bridge/tunnel/crane attachment

8yo - there's sooooo much mermaid and unicorn stuff around. You're spoilt for choice. I'd look at LaLaLand for funky stuff or any high street shop for less funky. Maybe a nice sweatshirt and a framed print for her room

Ricekrispie22 Sat 02-Dec-17 17:18:05

For the 8yo:
mermaid scented nail art kit
unicorn musical jewellery box
mermaid colour in top
unicorn top
candy floss maker

For the 5yo:
racing car kit
Zoom Fastback Racers

For the 4yo:
Cra-Z sand mermaid playset

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