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Presents for 13 yo neices

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newmum7369 Fri 01-Dec-17 20:00:30

Any ideas for Christmas presents for my 13 year old nieces? Ideally something fashion related as DSIS doesn't really indulge in trendy stuff so it's nice to spoil them. Last year I got them Next's knock-off UGGs which they LOVED and wear loads. I've got no idea what sort of clothes/brands teen girls are into though, I thought about a Jack Wills hoody but not sure if that's right for their age group.

Otherwise they are quite mature for their age, creative/crafty, like Harry Potter, guinea pigs, crochet and knitting.

Budget ideally around £30 but flexible.

RJnomore1 Fri 01-Dec-17 21:05:06

Primark have a fab Harry Potter clothing range my dd loves.

Hollister might be a good shout.

Or new look.

leccybill Sat 02-Dec-17 00:09:34

I have bought these Ted Baker notebooks for my nieces aged 12 and 13. I teach high school kids and Ted Baker stuff seems to be desirable amongst them.

Buttercupsandaisies Sat 02-Dec-17 09:13:00

I'd agree Ted Baker or Victoria Secret Pink? Their smellies and perfumes are an OK price too.

Also lots are into the actual sports brands at that age like Nike and adidas etc. DD is 12 and now requesting lots of sports wear because she's outgrown kids ranges and most adult clothes fit poorly. Do they dance as I'm sure USA Pro sports wear would go down well

Ricekrispie22 Sat 02-Dec-17 10:04:30

large checked/tarted scarves are really fashionable for this age right now. Topshop, River Island and Accessorize all have a good selection. They're all about the £20 mark, so I'd suggest topping up their present with some scented or colour changing nail varnish, which is also very 'now'!

IheartNiles Sat 02-Dec-17 10:07:13

Ivy Park range at Topshop is nice, second Pink. A pair of classic Vans?

Glittermakeseverythingbetter Sat 02-Dec-17 12:01:30

I'd probably go for the Jack Wills hoody if SIL dosent buy trendy clothes for them.
Also boots do a 3 Jack Wills body spray set for £10. Boots Ted baker stuff would probably go down well too.

traviata Sat 02-Dec-17 16:41:31

PJs, perhaps Harry Potter ones from Primark, otherwise something snuggly, slipper socks, slipper boots, dressing gown.

yes to big checked scarf. Also pompom hats with two furry pompoms - like Minnie Mouse - a step on from last year when one furry pompom was the thing.

My DD loathes Jack Wills - it isn't a universally popular label so if your DNs don't normally have 'brands' it might not be the right one to get. Topshop can usually do no wrong.

traviata Sat 02-Dec-17 16:44:14

Converse trainers? not sure they're in budget, but v v v popular.

some here around £30-£35

yasmin05 Sat 02-Dec-17 16:46:01

I'd just go get them pink hoodies for girls smile

scrabbler3 Sat 02-Dec-17 17:52:40

Jack Wills is popular around here but my faraway friend's daughter would agree with traviata's daughter. It seems to vary between regions. Adidas and Hollister are also big. MAC makeup too.

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