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BLUESEAPARADISE Thu 30-Nov-17 18:29:56

Today a family member opened the full SMIGGLE 2017 advent calendar ( I have no idea why! Lol) and has informed me that her day 5 gift is faulty and doesn't work ( it's a secret message pen with a torch) she is taking it back to SMIGGLE at the weekend to see what they say but I just wanted to make you aware incase any of your little ones have the same calendar that you may have disappointed children on day 5 and it may be worth a check before the day!

Iamagreyhoundhearmeroar Thu 30-Nov-17 19:12:53

I thought everyone would have learnt their lesson after last years fiasco...

Insomnibrat Thu 30-Nov-17 19:16:32

Wow the title of this thread made me think the Smiggle Advent Calendar maimed or converted our children into weird cult members.


BLUESEAPARADISE Thu 30-Nov-17 19:27:41

Sorry I didn't mean to do the caps blush

Dailystuck71 Thu 30-Nov-17 22:04:54

Did this not happen last year?

snowplop Thu 30-Nov-17 22:21:05

We had one last year. Day 1's yoyo was broken. Most of the other stuff was OK but not worth the price imo. There was a huge hoo-hah on social media about it and Smiggle were very apologetic and exchanged/refunded disappointed customers as far as I can remember (I didn't bother - just looking at their shopfront gives me a headache) DD has the Aldi charm bracelet advent calendar this year - it may well turn her wrist green but fingers crossed the charms won't be broken.

DontOpenDeadInside Fri 01-Dec-17 11:34:48

I've bought this for my 2 DDs, I've just (naughtily) opened day 5 of dd3s and hers is working. Might just be a faulty one.

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