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Before I screw up this decoration this doesn't look right does it

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LaurieFairyCake Thu 30-Nov-17 09:58:45

The baubles hanging out the bars ?

This is the Pinterest version and the start of my version

Should I instead use smaller baubles so they go in between? The baubles I was going to use at either end of this run are actually larger than the middle one

macnab Thu 30-Nov-17 10:08:58

I think the main difference is that in the Pinterest photo the baubles are tied from the base of each rung and so hang down onto the wall below whereas yours is tied at the top and only hangs down the spindles? And also there's no contrast in colour so yours doesn't really 'stand out'

But its nice and doesn't have to look exactly like the Pinterest photo - unless you absolutely want it to?

macnab Thu 30-Nov-17 10:10:17

Also just noticed that on the Pinterest photo, there are two baubles attached to the base of each spindle, but hanging at different lengths.

BadTasteFlump Thu 30-Nov-17 10:10:25

I think it works in the Pinterest pic because the baubles are the main focus - they don't have any garlands on the handrail or anything else but the baubles. I would stick with having the garland (which looks lovely) and maybe jazz that up a bit more, maybe with bows or a few bits hanging off it - I wouldn't do both.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 30-Nov-17 10:15:50

Ok, I'm going to hang big ones just from the top banister down so they're hanging in the air and then decorate the garlands. smile

Redsippycup Thu 30-Nov-17 10:17:29

Your stairs look quite steep - are there any people who are a bit unsteady that will be using them over Xmas? (kids / elderly etc) just slightly concerned that they won't be able to grab the handrail to save themselves if they start to fall with that garland there.

I think the Pinterest pic looks different because of the contrasting colours, and the baubles against the wall rather than the open spindles. Also the stairs in the pic are very 'on view' whereas yours look a little tucked away, so you don't really get the whole view impact from your pic, but it might just be the camera angle.

I just moved to a bungalow, otherwise I would be stealing that idea, it looks lovely!

BewareOfTheToddler Thu 30-Nov-17 10:19:46

Nothing useful to add other than that it looks lovely and I'm rather envious - I assume you don't have cats because my God, how much fun would my cat have with that?!grin

PhilODox Thu 30-Nov-17 10:19:50

Your stairs look really elegant! I wouldn't want to cover them up smile

macnab Thu 30-Nov-17 10:21:37

Good idea OP, please post another pic when you're done I'm sure it will be lovely!

NewtsSuitcase Thu 30-Nov-17 10:22:48

I weave my garland through the base of the spindles and then put lights through it. Then hang the baubles from there so that they hang beneath the stairs. It looks lovely and always get comments

DownTheChimney Thu 30-Nov-17 10:27:09

Oooh, what lovely stairs you have. Show us another photo when you're done.
<helpful> grin

LaurieFairyCake Thu 30-Nov-17 11:09:48

Ok I'm sweating buckets grin

I'm done. I've just added some small white doves to the lit garlands and hung the big baubles in the gaps above the stairs.

The stairs are HUGE, when you get to the landing where the turn is it's 14 foot off the ground. They're also 4 feet wide and not steep (no elderly or young children coming).

I've left the 'turn' in the banister free for hands. Just 6 inches.

Now have to create a lit village on the landing part of the stairs.

Because the stairs are so tall I seriously considered one of those upside down Christmas trees but dh's face paled when I suggested it.

I'm going to put lanterns with battery tealights on the stairs too as there's loads of room.

Aweektilltheseason Thu 30-Nov-17 11:12:46

looks lovely esp the one red ribbon one and I love your stair carpet

onlyonaTuesday Thu 30-Nov-17 11:12:50

It looks lovely op

PhilODox Thu 30-Nov-17 11:13:47

Looks gorgeous!

BadTasteFlump Thu 30-Nov-17 11:15:08

That looks lovely! I may have to steal your idea if you don't mind grin

SoupDragon Thu 30-Nov-17 11:16:23

Your final version is far better than the first go. You've nailed it smile

Maudlinmaud Thu 30-Nov-17 11:16:38

I love your wallpaper, especially the books, you've inspired me with that. Baubles look great.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 30-Nov-17 11:18:34

Oh god help yourself, my entire house is going to be Pinterested by the end of the day.

I've waited 20 years for a proper banister, this place is early Victorian. First Christmas here. My tree came last night (he's resting) and it's one inch off the ceiling so is totally perfect - can't believe I didn't have to saw anything.

I have about 400 Christmas pins to carry out grin

Chimchar Thu 30-Nov-17 11:18:58

Decorations look lovely. Your house looks amazing! I'd love to see more of it! smile

Hillbillyhotel Thu 30-Nov-17 11:22:27

Looks beautiful OP,definitely stealing this idea glitterball

Maudlinmaud Thu 30-Nov-17 11:28:36

I would love to see more of it too. Please post more pics for us nosey folk. Doesn't even have to be christmasent related.

Newtothis2017 Thu 30-Nov-17 11:41:11

Please post more photos

Newtothis2017 Thu 30-Nov-17 11:41:38

Please post more photos

Susimoo Thu 30-Nov-17 12:42:54

I love your house!! It looks beautiful and so festive. Please show us your other projects and inspire us! 🎅🏼🎄⭐️🤶🏼❄️🌨☃️🎁

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