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Good places for Christmas baubles?

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AtiaoftheJulii Mon 27-Nov-17 17:57:10

When our kids got bigger, I started a tradition of us all going out one evening and picking a lovely new bauble each (and thus slowly getting rid of all the child-proof crappy ones). We went to John Lewis for a few years, and then last year all theirs seemed to be designed by someone on acid, and we ended up getting some gold initialled ones from Marks. I've had a quick look online at JL this year and wasn't grabbed. Any recommendations for good places to go? Have every chain imaginable within reach I think, plus could travel between London/Hampshire/Berkshire/Oxfordshire if there's a good local or independent place.

Fekko Mon 27-Nov-17 17:58:28


Fekko Mon 27-Nov-17 17:58:52

Not Heal's

Mominatrix Mon 27-Nov-17 18:02:06

I second Liberty. I also get lovely things at Petersham Nursery.

annandale Mon 27-Nov-17 18:04:57

National Trust places. Waddesdon?

I'm buying mine this year at Arcadia on Oxford but it's a very small shop with just a few to chose from so I wouldn't recommend anyone travelled there. I just like their taste.

Decorhate Mon 27-Nov-17 18:48:42

What style do you like? I got some beautiful ones in Liberty years ago but haven't impressed in recent years. Too gaudy & kitsch for me. If you want to go to an actual shop, garden centres often have a reallly good selection. Cruise Hill near Enfield is a good spot.

Independent shops & markets also worth a try. And I have found some really good ones in Next in recent years too.

AtiaoftheJulii Mon 27-Nov-17 21:58:11

Yeah, I don't understand why there's so much kitsch around - a pink and gold shiny telephone was what finished me off in JL last year - why??? I like fairly simple, pretty things - glass or wood or felt even. I don't veto the others' choices, although I have imposed a white/red/green/gold/silver colour scheme so I don't have to deal with anything too awful wink

I liked the little dew drops on the LIberty website, not immediately taken with anything else, although things do look different in real life. Looked at Selfridges and realised that most of the things I like there are from The White Company, but that might go too far the other way, very plain, no glitz!

Petersham Nurseries' things look lovely, although dh will think the prices of some are ridiculous. I love this one.

Thanks for all the good ideas, will check out local garden centres too. The older dc are at university and not home until much nearer Christmas, so I'm not sure whether to risk waiting till everyone's home and physically going out and seeing what's left, or maybe we should just pick a website and do it virtually one evening ...

Sarahjconnor Mon 27-Nov-17 22:17:48

We do the exact same thing! Love it grin I recommend museums and tourist attractions for a good selection year round as well! Their shops have loads. Currently coveting this absurd man eating tiger but it's too expensive

So I'll be adding this handsome pheasant to our collection.

DS has got a Grinch he picked up at Universal Studios on holiday at Easter and DD got a Queen Victoria in full wedding regalia at a visit to the Crown Jewells in the summer! We also have a Stone Henge Bauble, a crocheted manatee bauble and Marge Simpson as Mrs Christmas complete with sleigh grin Most of them are surprisingly good taste but there are a few garish ones and no one minds.

I think you should diversify and tell DC to buy a bauble to bring home as a surprise addition.

Loverunandwine Mon 27-Nov-17 22:20:05

Looks like you’re london based. Kew Gardens has some nice ones (albeit a little overpriced)

Littlelambpeep Mon 27-Nov-17 22:22:23

Can we see a picture of your tree (nosey)

I would love to start a decent collection

marriednotdead Mon 27-Nov-17 22:31:04

I've been 'upgrading' my baubles in a similar way to you over the years and have amassed a fair collection of mainly clear/frosted/jewelled fine glass. It's definitely getting harder to source similar styles although Homebase sometimes has a couple of decent ones.
Wtf has a glittery flamingo or pineapple got to do with anything though hmm

A local independent store stocks glass decorations by An Original Winters Tale Ltd and I've not found any better in recent years- Libertys had a couple of theirs I'd already had my eye on last year but a few pounds dearer.
Having a browse online earlier today, it seems Heals have quite a few of theirs so that's my next stop.

goose1964 Mon 27-Nov-17 22:58:34

House of Fraser usually has nice ones

AtiaoftheJulii Mon 27-Nov-17 23:24:45

I think you should diversify and tell DC to buy a bauble to bring home as a surprise addition.

That's a great idea actually smile

Can't quickly find a tree photo, will have a proper look tomorrow.

AtiaoftheJulii Mon 27-Nov-17 23:38:50

married oh yes, that's exactly the sort of thing I like!

Some nice stuff at House of Fraser too, love the little Wedgwood decorations, although obviously they don't go with the colour scheme wink

Decorhate Tue 28-Nov-17 06:48:08

I love that Liberty one Attia. Exactly the sort I like. If you are looking online, Cox & Cox often have nice ones.

Bananarama12 Tue 28-Nov-17 06:51:56

Oh yes Waddesdon have beautiful ones at their Christmas fair. It's where I'm planning on getting my special ones this year.

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Tue 28-Nov-17 07:38:53

I love fenwicks but not sure if that's just a Newcastle store?

secondhoneymoon Tue 28-Nov-17 08:12:47

I love good garden centres at Christmas, they usually have different decorations and an enjoyable place to go for a cuppa

BarchesterFlowers Tue 28-Nov-17 08:24:31

We buy one or two special things each year, usually from local galleries etc. There are some nice things available from small makers online, like this. We have a few of their baubles and they are lovely (but they have been in Liberty for the last few years).

Havent found one yet this year.

onadifferentplanet Tue 28-Nov-17 08:24:42

I have a large collection of individual baubles which I have built up over the years since youngest was born (she's now 34!). Every one holds an individual memory of places we have visited or a special event in our lives and now my kids are adults they usually bring me one back when they visit places too. I also buy something new for the tree each year and find the best places are garden centres or small independent shops, this year I found a small but lovely selection in our local hardware store!. I sadly also had a stillborn daughter many years ago and we also buy a new star decoration each year to remember her . Each decoration on my tree is unique and I can tell you where and when each one was brought too!

KiaOraAura Tue 28-Nov-17 08:28:34

Have you looked at Nkuku decorations, you can buy them online?

BarchesterFlowers Tue 28-Nov-17 08:33:28

National Trust have got some nice ones online. I walk my dog at Fountains Abbey on Tuesdays and after looking (for you OP) think I will be going to the shop for a couple of tree decs today!!

I like these

AtiaoftheJulii Tue 28-Nov-17 10:27:57

Really enjoying hearing what people do and where they find pretty baubles! (I'm off work ill yesterday and today and following everyone's links is cheering me up smile )

Fenwicks isn't just in Newcastle, there are a few, but I might suggest to one of the dc to check out Fenwicks NCL grin

Nkuku have some lovely things, I love these

And I actually lol'ed at the Santa legs in the chimney! Very cute!

Now my problem is going to be narrowing down my choices ...

BarchesterFlowers Tue 28-Nov-17 12:14:08

Aah, you see you are looking for tasteful whereas my tree is a mix of things from an untasteful life.

I am still envy of dementedma’s camp Jeremy Fisher and it must be a few years since she first mentioned it on here. I would love a camp Jeremy Fisher! Am almost sure it is dementedma

marriednotdead Mon 04-Dec-17 23:46:34

@AtiaoftheJulii, thought you might like to see my latest purchases smile

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