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Thread 18 - Remember, it's only a bargain if you need it or will use it, otherwise it's still a waste of money

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Reastie Mon 27-Nov-17 17:37:18

Welcome one and all, see post two for links.

Any referral links to go on this separate thread please

Reastie Mon 27-Nov-17 17:37:30

So, info below is hopefully helpful and links below are for some of the frequented websites from the page. If you know of a website that would be good to add please let me know thanks .

Since it's so popular now there would just be too many links in the link post, and I'd go slightly unhinged attempting to get them all in, so I'm fine tuning and doing generic site links rather than specific product links (unless there's something so brilliant that consensus is to add it here). If there's a stupendous code that could do with adding on here let me know bold and big is really helpful for me thanks . Hope you find it useful.

Predicted by fireflygirl the 25%off Sainsbury's dates:
(They were right on all but one last year
27 November 2017

Black Friday will be on Friday 24th November this year, and Monday 27th will be Cyber Monday
Aliexpress info - be aware it's getting late to order from here for Christmas delivery.

Sockeatingmonster’s top tips about aliexpress:

I have used Aliexpress quite a bit over the last few years. My tips/observations are:

1. Check reviews
2. Be wary of plastic toys. There have been concerns about toxic plastics from China, and I have binned plastic figures for having very unpleasant smells. I no longer buy any 'low-end' plastic items and only ever from sellers with lots of positive reviews
3. Aliexpress refund/complaints procedure is actually way more straightforward than eBay, and stacked in the buyer's favour
4. Beware of mains operated electricals, many of which are supplied without fused plugs. Always message the seller first if in doubt, don't rely on the photos
5. I don't trust dress up clothes to be flame retardant, although I don't believe this is UK law anyway?
6. Clothes can come up very small. Quality can be variable (excellent to awful). Photos are often of similar items, so take them with a pinch of salt and check the reviews.
7. Actually, all photos on Aliexpress should be taken with a pinch of salt. Again, check reviews (where buyers often post photos of the actual item received)
8. I wouldn't trust toys to meet UK safety standards and wouldn't buy anything that could pose a risk (e.g. Paint might not be safe for children to gum, there could be sharp edges/choking hazards, etc)
9. Lego alternatives don't tend to stick together as well as genuine Lego. Minifigures are still excellent value, but the odd one might benefit from a few drops of superglue.
10. Barbie and other doll clothes can be excellent value, but check reviews for fabric quality and finish
11. Stationery is generally excellent value, although paper quality can be lower than expected. Type 'kawaii' into stationery and be prepared to spend a fortune!

Bargain crazy website here an outlet for very and littlewoods

Camera price buster here . Useful if you're buying a new camera

Joules eBay outlet here

Lisa Angel here

Studio have some well priced items but quality on everything isn't amazing here

Super saver delivery tool is a fab website where it will find low value items on amazon to take your shopping basket to £20 to qualify for free super saver delivery when you're getting close here

Toys for a pound

Wonderbly (formally lost my name) here

Reastie Mon 27-Nov-17 17:38:16

To add went to Sainsbury's this afternoon and they had 25% off. Couldn't resist a musical Christmas jumper for dd.

DumbledoresArmy Mon 27-Nov-17 17:43:08

Checking in!!

trixymalixy Mon 27-Nov-17 17:46:36

I'm pretty much done apart from DH's aunt and uncle. he's into hillwalking, she's into gardening. Any ideas?

HoneyDragon Mon 27-Nov-17 17:47:39

Big up for L’occitaine .... my box came and had obviously been tampered with I think someone had checked the invoice envelope for a gift card. They are replacing the missing item express delivery even though it’s not their fault someone nicked it, and were utterly lovely 😊

TellMeItsNotTrue Mon 27-Nov-17 17:47:59

I made thread title fgrin I am stupidly excited! Lol I was last year as well

Thanks for the new thread Reastie

Lego cards - unexpected bill and a house full of germs has prevented these being sent but hopefully will be by weekend, will PM when sent

TellMeItsNotTrue Mon 27-Nov-17 17:50:50

I had an M&S padded envelope turn up with a slit in bottom of around 3inches and just invoice and bag from ornament still in it angry delivered by parcelforce and the slit was a clean cut, just the right size, and not actually noticeable until I opened the top and there was nothing there and I saw slit at bottom, so it's been done deliberately angry

Anyway, I emailed them and haven't had a reply but a new one has turned up today

spellingstress Mon 27-Nov-17 17:52:22

Thank you for the info on the previous thread Yellowsun - I really know nothing about the Echo or Google Home....
The idea was to get an Echo for downstairs and a Dot for 14 year old dd. Is the Echo good for playing music?
I had read that the Google Home uses google and is therefore better for answering questions than the Echo on 'Bing'.
Can you tell me anything else I should know please?! Thanks

IHopeYouStepOnALegoPiece Mon 27-Nov-17 17:53:13

Another thread already?! Blimey!! Thanks Reastie x

Thank you everyone’s brilliance I and so nearly finished! And you’ll be pleased to know nothing is stored ina bin bag this year 👍🏻👍🏻

ThatsMySantaHisBeardIsSoFluffy Mon 27-Nov-17 17:53:15

Checking in! 🎄🎅🎄🎅

(Not entirely sure why, however, as I'm definitely finished!) fgrin

Taffeta Mon 27-Nov-17 17:55:07

I keep buying stuff. 😳

bunbunny Mon 27-Nov-17 18:00:30

Blimey. I miss a few days and end up missing a few threads too! At least I'm here for the start of this thread fgrin

Thanks again Reastie for all your hard work. flowers

I've just spotted a Cyber Monday deal for Whistlefish, who do really nice cards (I first heard about them on one of these Christmas threads a few years ago).

They usually sell them for £1 each or for Christmas Cards they do 15 for £7. However for today, they're doing 15 Christmas cards for £5 and if you use the code NEWDEL then you get free delivery (otherwise for under £20 it would be £3).

Means that you can get 30 really nice cards for a tenner which I think is pretty reasonable.

They also have some gift wrap on offer and some lovely prints, tea towels, tote bags and other such arty gubbins but at not-very-bargainous prices!

They also do a referral scheme - if you're spending more than £20 or £25 (it's not clear as it says both, sorry!) then we both get £5 off. I can't work out how to put a link to the referral scheme as it wants me to put emails in or put on facebook or twitter, which I don't link up to MNet, but if you want to, pm me and I'll put your email in.

It says they're Cyber Monday 72 hour deals on the home page but I don't know if that means they'll be on for 72 hours or will change throughout that time...

Cupoteap Mon 27-Nov-17 18:03:11

Checking in

tiggersdontlikehoney Mon 27-Nov-17 18:05:19

Thanks for the new thread, 4 weeks to go!

ArgumentAversion Mon 27-Nov-17 18:06:51

Thanks for the new thread. I keep namechanging but have been here all along!

White fingerlings available at the mo on amazon for preorder

hashtagelfie Mon 27-Nov-17 18:10:04

No idea why, I’m done apart from stocking fillers but I just can’t leave till the end

GinAndSonic Mon 27-Nov-17 18:12:23

Checking in

RJnomore1 Mon 27-Nov-17 18:14:59


I've got a 15 yo girl, into makeup and toiletries, to buy for from the work Xmas appeal so I get to do more shopping!

Budget £25-£30 if anyone has any great ideas.

LikeSilver Mon 27-Nov-17 18:21:53

Lakeland £5 off £30 code 1245 0422 2303 7975.

Nzou1050 Mon 27-Nov-17 18:27:20

Thanks Reastie, just marking my place.

Penguinbeaver Mon 27-Nov-17 18:29:16

trixymalixy try millets for your Hill Walker I got a hiking stick/camelback type stuff for a similar person

hashtagelfie Mon 27-Nov-17 18:29:53

WHSmith limiter edition Christmas jigsaw puzzle £9.99 reduced from £16.99. I get this for my dad every year and this is a very good price!
Loads of items reduced in WHSmiths as well

Reastie Mon 27-Nov-17 18:48:32

Tellmeitsnottrue thank you for finishing off the last thread.

I wonder if we'll make it to 25 threads this year for 25th December, we haven't managed it yet!

Haudyerwheesht Mon 27-Nov-17 18:56:11

In Poundworld today they had Star Wars and Harry Potter socks. They also had m&m and friends selection boxes for £2.

I've also just ordered a personalised t shirt for dd from eBay for £5.99. Its black with a pink silloheoutte of a dancer on and her name underneath. Don't know what quality is like yet....

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