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What family board games are you getting this year???

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Dickorydockwhatthe Fri 24-Nov-17 22:28:44

I need ideas for a 9 year old and 13 year which we can all play

handmademitlove Fri 24-Nov-17 22:37:37

Dobble, quirkle, ligretto, catan?

KnickerBockerGlooooory Fri 24-Nov-17 22:42:05

We’ve enjoyed Camel Up, Pass the Bomb, Labyrinth

Jecan Fri 24-Nov-17 22:43:00

Ticket to ride America - the Europe version is the most popular game in our house by a mile

Alittlepotofrosie Fri 24-Nov-17 22:46:27

Family favourite here is articulate.

soupforbrains Fri 24-Nov-17 22:54:43

Cranium is great but it’s better with at least 6 people.

Also here’s a great game my DS got for his birthday. It’s called something a bit crazy like Lava Explosion Countdown. You can find it on Amazon. It’s very good.

Oh and the London Underground Children’s version/Zoo Version is brilliant.

Oh and Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! That’s a great one.

imokit Fri 24-Nov-17 22:58:03

all games we play in our house - since the boy was 10ish - we're 16 & 27 now

PenelopePear Fri 24-Nov-17 23:01:13

I have bought Beasts of Balance at hideous expense. It'd better be fun!

meala Fri 24-Nov-17 23:02:34

Mysteries of old peking! Huge hit here!

expatinscotland Fri 24-Nov-17 23:04:21

Rubic's Race

greyfriarskitty Fri 24-Nov-17 23:04:24

Another’s vote for Ticket to Ride, we love it, with Carcassonne close second.

We’ll be getting Catan (and Labyrinth too)

FixItUpChappie Sat 25-Nov-17 04:44:59

I picked a Swedish game called "Klisk" up this year. Sort a hockey-like game with magnets

wonkylegs Sat 25-Nov-17 05:04:06

We've got Obama llama this year, last year we got dinkee linkee which went down well with everyone from cousins to grandparents (8-70)

SummerLightning Sat 25-Nov-17 06:12:34

We like ticket to ride, exploding kittens, Pandemic, dixit, Carcassonne and colt express.

EmilyChambers79 Sat 25-Nov-17 07:59:22

We've got Christmas edition of Monopoly and Star Wars Cluedo.

Last year we had Big Bang Theory Cluedo and Back to the Future monopoly the year before.

Bounce off is always popular, Battleships, draughts and Top Trumps too.

unicornpoopoop Sat 25-Nov-17 09:08:16

Star Wars cluedo is the worst game ever

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