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What to get for second son? Nearly 2

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800msprint Mon 20-Nov-17 13:39:27

He doesn't need anything. He gets all the old stuff from his older brother. He also will be 20 months so therefore not really understanding what it is all about either!

We're doing a one present rule this year (plus stocking) as they get so much from family. We are getting his older bro a bike.

Any lovely ideas for littley? I can only think of some new books? Or something personalised - but what?

I'd rather it be useful or needed rather than buying something just because.


KoalasAteMyHomework Mon 20-Nov-17 14:16:51

I was going to suggest The Boy who Lost his name book as its personalised. But if its a 1 present rule and older brother is getting a bike its probably a bit on the small side!

Frege Mon 20-Nov-17 14:19:57

brio trainset?

EmilyChambers79 Mon 20-Nov-17 14:30:01

What about a trike or balance bike to match his brother?

NeverNic Mon 20-Nov-17 14:42:05

I have bought wooden farms and a wooden garage (upgrading his inherited one) for the year my son was 14mths and the year he was 2 and a bit. The farm (Intended for 3 plus) has taken a battering but it has been well loved and I bought happyland farm animals rather than the proper ones. The garage is also played regularly with hot wheels cars now, but we did have toddler wooden ones originally.

In my experience, they play with 'older toys' far sooner and are less interested with toys intended for their own age, so I'd look to age up on gifts.. Another hit was a wooden shop from Asda. It was bought for my elder son, but the younger one loved that and the toy till (without the coins) more.

strawberrypenguin Mon 20-Nov-17 14:42:47

I’ve got DS2 (roughly same age as yours) an electronic puppy. One of the Zoomer ones. Only cost £12 from the entertainer and he’ll love it.

AlohaMama Mon 20-Nov-17 14:55:31

My DS is roughly the same age, is youngest of 3 and has older DS so we are in the same boat. Also January birthday so two lots of presents to think of. He's getting his older brothers wooden garage wrapped up, neices old plastic shopping trolley, a few new books and a couple of items of clothes. We are going to spend the money in the spring instead and get a slide as the old one broke.

Mumofboys89 Mon 20-Nov-17 15:16:22

Has he got a scooter handed down from ds1? If not maybe a micro scooter? Big hit with my ds who's just turned 2

Equimum Mon 20-Nov-17 18:34:23

Does he like anything of his big brother’s yet? Our DS2 is 2 and loves his brother’s brio trainset (of which we have loads already). We have, therefore, bought DS2 the start of a Brio road system, so he has something of his own, but which fits with what we have.

We have, however, really struggled with ideas of what to ask others for!

MiniMileyMoo Mon 20-Nov-17 19:33:18

Same problem here: DS2 (2.5) is getting a fisher price car ramp, a toy baby buggy, a few books, and some new Brio/BigJigs stuff to add to our existing train set (High level expansion pack and a motorised train). Maybe a fancy dress costume or character onesie.

800msprint Mon 20-Nov-17 19:48:40

Ah some great ideas thanks!

Might go with the trainset. Love the wooden stuff.

800msprint Mon 20-Nov-17 19:49:42

Hmm also like the wooden garage. He loves all things cars!

He will have a hand me down trike and scooter from older bro

Mallowmarshmallow Mon 20-Nov-17 20:20:03

A pushchair?

My DS loved his at a similar age and it’s now my DD’s absolute favourite thing in the world.

doze931 Mon 20-Nov-17 20:34:57

a scuttlebug. My son absolutely loved his. Hes outgrew it now but our most used toy

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