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If you have a 7-9 year old who is into Pokémon...

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InnercityPressure Mon 20-Nov-17 08:17:20

...what would they most like for Christmas, or what is their most treasured possession? Buying for a relative, but I have no clue. Budget up to £30ish. Happy to buy a few smaller bits to make a goody bag.

dementedpixie Mon 20-Nov-17 08:50:31

Collectors tin, plush toy, DVD?

Heymrstinkypants Mon 20-Nov-17 08:55:22

Build a bear workshop have a great range of Pokemon at the moment, bulbasaur has just been released, around £25-£30 for each I think

dementedpixie Mon 20-Nov-17 08:58:47

Plush toys will be cheaper than build a bear. Stationery set, backpack, t-shirt, etc

Toffeelatteplease Mon 20-Nov-17 09:03:28

Depends whether they are into the cards or the video game.

If cards it's more powerful card for their favorite set, especially if it comes in a box set. Boxes with legendary boosters in are good as you can't buy these seperately and they are and awesome set, the base card in these is just a bonus. Collectors tins look good but actually aren't that great for holding cards so unless the base card is much wanted I wouldn't bother. Pokemon deck boxes are better, rare pokemon deck boxes with favorite characters on even better still (eg pikachu box for a pikachu deck). Card albums are good

No idea on the video game as mine are into cards.

Safe bet if you don't know is clothing. Anything with pokemon on hats scarfs t-shirts.

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Mon 20-Nov-17 09:03:32

Pokemon monopoly

dementedpixie Mon 20-Nov-17 09:15:07 Ds has had lots of box sets from here

dementedpixie Mon 20-Nov-17 09:15:39

I wouldn't get monopoly as it needs other people to play it

dementedpixie Mon 20-Nov-17 09:16:39

Mine plays the nintendo ds games too and wants one of the new ones that has come out - ultra sun i think

InnercityPressure Mon 20-Nov-17 09:23:52

Great, thanks for the suggestions so far. I think it is the cards mostly but also the ds games. I'll have a look at some of the suggestions and might check back to make sure I'm on the right lines...

Toffeelatteplease Mon 20-Nov-17 09:27:07

Sorry shining legends boosters not legends. so out for the box sets on the page demented pixie linked to the better thought of boxes are the zoroark, silvally, anything pikachu raichu or if it says shining legends. If you can go up to the £37 mark any of the elite trainer boxes are much coverted, especially shining legends elite trainer here. Amazon and made hous are also worth checking.

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Mon 20-Nov-17 09:27:22

Build A Bear do amazing Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Eevee and Vulpix bears. They're great quality and so cuddly, and under £30.

Toffeelatteplease Mon 20-Nov-17 09:29:19

Elite trainer boxes then. They are awesome and totally not dependent on what type of pokemon they are collection. The box contains an absolute ton of stuff and the box itself is fantastic for holding cards

DownTheChimney Mon 20-Nov-17 09:37:39

My ds is after this:
pokemon trainer guess

It guesses the pokemon you are thinking of and if it gets it right it goes in your 'collection'.

InnercityPressure Mon 20-Nov-17 13:46:42

Apparently the preferred set is Sun and Moon GX.
So am I looking for a Sun and Mood Elite Trainer Box or Collection Box? Or something else? Feeling a bit puzzled by the whole thing!

Toffeelatteplease Mon 20-Nov-17 14:22:29

Sun and moon Elite trainer box unless you know which type/colour/favourite gx

TeenTimesTwo Mon 20-Nov-17 14:24:22

I've just bought DD2 a fleece rug/throw from ToysRUs for £8.

Oddish Mon 20-Nov-17 14:28:14

My 8yo is Pokemon mad. In the past I’ve got her some great books including Pokemon encyclopaedia and ‘how to draw’ Pokemon, pokemon blanket, little tiny figures with pokeballs that she spends hours playing with, fleecy blanket, posters. Just picked her up a Pokemon nightie from Asda, they have pyjamas and tops too. And of course there is the wrist strap thingy (sorry the name of it fails me) if they playe Pokemon Go.

EmilyChambers79 Mon 20-Nov-17 14:29:15

DS has the Sun and Moon DS games and also collects the Pokémon cards. He plays with both and always takes his cards to his friends house where they play the card game.

It's almost like a second language!

MrsHathaway Mon 20-Nov-17 14:30:32

I have got DC2 the Pokemon Farting colouring book.

<lowers the tone>

Last year DC1 had a plush Vaporeon and DC2 a plush Pikachu. Still in their beds today.

Chocchip88 Mon 20-Nov-17 14:45:11

toffee you seem to know what you're talking about. If my son has the Sun and Moon Komm-0 Crimson invasion theme deck would it be worth getting him the elite Crimson Invasion Training deck or would it be repeating what he already has?
Thanks for any advice.

Toffeelatteplease Mon 20-Nov-17 21:12:05

The kids play. Then I started playing too. I have more decks these days than the kids. blushgrinblushgrin

No it wouldn't be a duplicate at all. The theme deck is a pre-built playable deck whereas the elite trainer boxes is a collection of nice bits and bobs that upgrade the game play (and you can never have enough of), a load of boosters and a decent storage box so fits with whatever they are playing.


If he hasn't changed the deck at all already and he is enjoying playing the deck, then he probably would appreciate an upgrade to it. But this is where it gets tricky. The box I want to link you to is Raichu Gx

Toffeelatteplease Mon 20-Nov-17 21:12:20

Posted too soon

Toffeelatteplease Mon 20-Nov-17 21:25:59

here but it isn't out until the 5th January. Trust me all the kids want this card because everyone love pikachu and it's a really decent card game play wise. I want this box a lot

The other alternative with that theme deck is kommo- gx . This box is out but whilst awesome, kommo-gx is challenging to play so I wouldn't get it for a beginner or younger player.

If its however this your thinking of (and I wasn't sure from your post, no don't get that that wouldn't be very useful now he's playing.

The elite trainer boxes are always a safe bet though. They are the things the kids sit at clubs and admire because they can't afford them with their pocket money (if you can get to a club do because they are fantastic fun)

Nancy91 Mon 20-Nov-17 21:29:55

Pokemon ultra sun / moon games? Might be slightly over budget but they will be occupied for ages

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