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Bestest booziest christmas trifle recipe?

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justpoppingby Sat 18-Nov-17 09:21:52

I asked DH what dessert he'd like for xmas day and it's a very boozy trifle so does anyone have a super recipe or any trifle tweaks to share please?

Ricekrispie22 Sat 18-Nov-17 09:58:30

Baileys Banana Trifle
Baileys Triple Chocolate Trifle
Black Forest Trifle

justpoppingby Sat 18-Nov-17 12:25:40

Thank you @Ricekrispie22 ... droool 😁

SoMuchToBits Sat 18-Nov-17 12:30:17

Cherry Trifle

Get some panettone.
Break it up into pieces, and spread each piece liberally with some good quality cherry jam/conserve.
Arrange in trifle bowl.
Get a jar of cherries in kirsch, and tip on top of the panettone.
Make a custard, adding in a good slosh of cherry brandy.
Pour on top of panettone/cherries, and leave to set.
Decorate the top with a few fresh cherries.
Serve with cream if you like.

ElleMcFearsome Sat 18-Nov-17 13:41:59

Is there any way to make trifle minus the custard? Yes, I know that's probably heretical but I cannot stand custard, whilst liking the rest of the ingredients...

Annwithnoe Sat 18-Nov-17 13:54:29

Trifle is a very personal thing. I don't really see the benefit of asking strangers on an anonymous forum when you should really tie your DH to a chair, shine a lamp in his eyes and interrogate him properly!
What type of booze?
Is he an artfully-arranged-but-slightly-soggy sliced jam roll type of man, or a lady fingers person, or a stale almondy sponge guy?
Custard or no custard? (Thick, definitely not the pouring kind) Birds or home made?
Jelly layer? Flavour of jelly? Fruit in the jelly or sponge crumbled in the jelly shudder
Approximate thickness of each layer (metric or imperial but remember to divide by 2 at least as men are known to exaggerate).
Cream on top? Sweetened or not?
With flaked almonds or crumbled flake to top or hundreds and thousands if he grew up in the seventies.

Getting this wrong may seriously undermine your marriage. Trifle should not be trifled with.

spub Sat 18-Nov-17 14:25:15

There’s a lush trifle by Anthony Worrall Thomson (Not sure about that spelling)!on the bbc food web site. It is always asked for by my booze guzzling familywink

holdbackonthewine Sat 18-Nov-17 14:51:21

I use the one from Nigella’s Christmas Cookbook. Making the custard is a faff but it’s utterly delicious! Found it online (sorry it’s from the Daily Mail!)

Jaffalong Sat 18-Nov-17 23:11:27

Oh I love a good trifle thread, it's traditional to have the annual discussion argument about whether custard and jelly deserves a place in trifle. I don't mind the custard but cannot abide jelly, so I'm marking my place for the ensuing discussion.

Last year I made a lovely gingerbread trifle, I will dig out the recipe and post it later. It was really lovely, even dh who can't stand trifle took second helpings.

holdbackonthewine Sun 19-Nov-17 00:02:47

I’m with you on the jelly Jaffa. Try the Nigella one I posted, so yummy.

justpoppingby Sun 19-Nov-17 07:20:45

@Annwithnoe 😁, the thought of tying dh up and interrogating him about trifle does sound like fun but thats another thread entirely 😂. He likes trifle in any guise, he's a trifle scoffing monster of any variety so he'll be glad of any really.
And thanks for the other suggestions, i'm going to do two or three i think, as i cant decide because they sound delicious and there'll be enough people to enjoy them all 😁

justpoppingby Sun 19-Nov-17 07:22:53

@Jaffalong I like jelly, i'm never keen on the soggy jelly sponge though, maybe i should do it deconstructed style 😂😂

Notmybag Mon 20-Nov-17 20:16:07

Delias panetone trifle with Marsala wine

VanillaSugar Mon 20-Nov-17 20:17:46

Buy Trifle and a litre of sherry. Drink the bottle of sherry. Then you won't care what the trifle tastes like.

Justtrying Mon 20-Nov-17 20:21:58

Trifle sponges liberally soaked in either port or sherry. Tin of fruit cocktail drained tipped over triflecsonges cover with raspberry jelly. Chill to set. Make a pint of birds custard using full fat milk, custard powder and sugar, add extra vanilla extract. Pour over jelly layer set. Just before serving lightly whip a pint of double cream with vanilla extract and spoon over custard. Top with either flaked almonds or crumbled flake.
Maybe not traditional, but that's my trifle, which was originally my Gran's, that dh will be getting on Christmas Day.

justpoppingby Tue 21-Nov-17 16:21:08

Thanks for more ideas.
@VanillaSugar 😂 brilliant idea,
@Justtrying That's actually pretty much my standard recipe from my nan and mum too! I usually put some sprinkles on it. Delicious

VanillaSugar Tue 21-Nov-17 21:40:54

HTH winegin

RaininSummer Tue 21-Nov-17 21:47:33

Am making huge trifle for first time for Boxing day. I am now torn between nigella's version with real custard or cheating with Birds packets. Is real custard so much nicer and worth it?

justpoppingby Wed 22-Nov-17 08:28:12

@RaininSummer Homemade custard is very nice, however I don't think most people tend to notice if it's packet or homemade when I've put it in a trifle. I find homemade less sweet and more vanillary personally.

Jaffalong Thu 23-Nov-17 19:00:51

Just don't put any jelly in the trifle. Custard whether homemade or out of a tin/packet is acceptable but not jelly. Hth.

RaininSummer Thu 23-Nov-17 20:08:01

Thank you for custard reply. I doubt my bunch of greedy gannets would notice or appreciate it then.

justpoppingby Fri 24-Nov-17 08:35:27

Something tells me you're not a jelly fan @Jaffalong 😂
Probably not worth your time then @RaininSummer time better well spent sherry tasting instead maybe 🤓

SoMuchToBits Fri 24-Nov-17 10:02:42

I think real custard is much nicer, and less sweet. Sorry! grin

SoMuchToBits Fri 24-Nov-17 10:03:38

And I agree with Jaffa re jelly!

Jaffalong Sat 25-Nov-17 09:14:45

Yup can't stand jelly! Book! It's the slime texture. My mother always puts jelly in trifle.....and puts a large portion in my bowl and slides it across the table in my direction where it will stay untouched for the whole afternoon. Do you think I need counselling for jelly trauma?!

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