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In law gifts

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PhyllisWig Sat 18-Nov-17 07:25:00

Sigh. We are in contact but physically don’t see them (kind of a benign indifference thing....) and they live completely the other side of the country to us so I need something I can post or get delivered straight there.

Mid 70s. Like plane spotting, fishing, football and sport in general. Fil is a grumpy git with some health problems. They quite like gardening.

Past presents include books and a bottle of booze, jumpers, tickets to a sporting event.

Budget is around 50 quid for the pair but I can go a bit higher. I don’t really want to do an experience or tickets for them as I just think fil doesn’t enjoy it.

Any ideas?

Ricekrispie22 Sat 18-Nov-17 07:45:47

Get them a bucket to kick. Or not.
How about a subscription to Radio Times or Reader's Digest?

JoyceDivision Sat 18-Nov-17 07:48:26

Let your dh get the gifts so you're not buying in law's gifts, instead he's buying his parent's gifts. He may, either through it being his parents, or at least through a sense of duty, put a bit of effort into it.

Dunzo Sat 18-Nov-17 07:51:08

Doesn't sound too dissimilar to mine albeit they do indulge themselves a lot and go out to dinner regularly so we sometimes get them restaurant vouchers.

This year I thought about a wine club subscription type thing for a few months (they love red wine) but I feel they are hideously expensive for what you get. Subscription to something might work, just haven't found the right thing yet. I think there's a gardening one where they send seeds each month at the right time to be planted and I guess some information about the plant and what not?

Minster2012 Sat 18-Nov-17 07:51:26

A very complicated airfix plane to build & keep them quiet?

NeverUseThisName Sat 18-Nov-17 07:53:54

That's your dh's job.

wobblywonderwoman Sat 18-Nov-17 07:54:14

I think I would stick with gardening vouchers or m&s vouchers

Maybe throw in a nice book (recipe book or DVD with it)

sandgrown Sat 18-Nov-17 07:54:48

I know you said no experience type things but if they like planes what about tickets to look round Concorde. There is a Concorde at Manchester Airport with a great viewing park for a bit of plane spotting.

May50 Sat 18-Nov-17 07:56:34

Your DH should buy for his parents

PhyllisWig Sat 18-Nov-17 12:40:21

To be fair to dh, present ideas for everyone are joint and we’re both out of ideas!

Airfix model is a good idea for fil actually. I have suggested gardening centre vouchers but dh thinks they will just moulder. Same with restaurant vouchers.

Thanks all

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