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Presents for teen girls

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WhyOhWine Thu 16-Nov-17 10:16:04

DDs are 13 and 14. We still do stockings (although of course they no longer believe in FC). Stockings tend to comprise a mixture of the usual stocking stuff plus 2 or 3 more expensive "proper" presents (but smallish in size). They are mainly surprises rather than things they have asked for (which they will get as non-stocking presents later in the day).

DD2 has pretty conventional likes for a girl of that age so should be fairly easy. DD1 is slightly harder as she is apparently considered to be "cool" (whatever this means), so need more ideas for her in particular. I think i asked a similar question last year and got good ideas, but no doubt what is "cool" has moved on.

Taffeta Thu 16-Nov-17 14:40:17

Urban Outfitters have some great bits. I especially like the Minimergency Kit. Also Eos lip balms, pineapple hand sanitisers, funky hot water bottles, nice fairy lights etc.

Do you have one near you for a browse?

Animation86 Thu 16-Nov-17 14:54:25

Things from Lush maybe?

Taffeta Thu 16-Nov-17 15:05:50

MissGuided seems to be A Thing now too.

ihatethecold Thu 16-Nov-17 15:23:06

Victoria’s Secret has the 300ml body sprays on offer at the moment for £5.
Good for stocking fillers.

cailingaelach Thu 16-Nov-17 15:23:21

Echo Dot for her bedroom?

Lovemusic33 Thu 16-Nov-17 15:37:44

I have bought my dd's echo dots (on offer at the moment almost everywhere).

Mine love lush bath bombs and their Christmas shower jelly looks quite cool.

Dd1 has asked for a watch, head phones are always gratefully received and food (pop tarts as Christmas is the only time she's aloud them).

SueSueDonahue Thu 16-Nov-17 16:27:40

Scouring amazon for ideas at the moment. We give very little in terms of both cost and quantity but I have a stocking to fill. Stockings are fairly new things for us as a tradition. We hadn’t had one for ten years and then we did last year but I had the flu and so it was filled with aldi chocolate 😂

What do you class as the “usual” stocking fillers for teens? I am thinking knickers, socks, a book...?

Earrings? My teen has one ear pierced three times so lots are needed 🙈

2004bestyear Thu 16-Nov-17 16:34:47

On the Victoria Secrets website it says the body mists can only be shipped to USA or Canada. Does anyone know where to get the £5/6 mists that ship to the UK?

Sadik Thu 16-Nov-17 16:44:02

Just placemarking for ideas - I'm really struggling with my 15 y/o. So far I've got her two books and that's it! (For anyone with a geeky teen, one is the Geeky Chef's Cookbook which I think she'll love - recipes for all sorts of foods from geeky shows / books like Dr Who / Hitchhikers / HP etc etc)

ihatethecold Thu 16-Nov-17 17:23:27

I got mine in store.

I’ve also bought my dd a power bank for her phone that will do 3 charges. It’s arrived today and quite funky and not too heavy.

ihatethecold Thu 16-Nov-17 17:25:57

This is the one I bought for her. It arrived today and it’s working fine.

2004bestyear Thu 16-Nov-17 18:01:13

Thanks ihate. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near a store.

PanGalaticGargleBlaster Thu 16-Nov-17 18:04:19

Zoellas advent calendar!

<ducks for cover>

Gatekeeper Thu 16-Nov-17 18:06:25

2004 you can get Victoria secrets body mist from Superdrug and they deliver

CA95616 Thu 16-Nov-17 18:11:54

DD12 (pre-teen) is getting:
- a wireless speaker
-paperchase stationery & recipe book
-adidas trainers
- soap and glory bath and body set
- new watch

princesspeach21 Thu 16-Nov-17 18:12:00

Definitely Victoria's Secret. Their backpacks are amazing although quite pricey sad New Look also do some very cute gifts. What about make up or perfume?

WhyOhWine Thu 16-Nov-17 18:45:52

Re "usual" stocking presents, I have a pretty formulaic list since they have got past the full-on toy stage. This is then supplemented by a few more "bespoke" items. The basic list includes:
1. a book
2. stationery item
3. a voucher (e.g Clares when they were younger, last year DD2 got Starbucks and I cant remember what DD1 got but this year i think I will get her a voucher for MAC or somewhere to learn how to do make up as she has started wearing it a bit)
4. underwear of some kind
5. jewellery of some kind
6. food item of some kind
7. satsuma
8. toiletieries of some kind
9. bath bomb.

Apart from the satsuma, I am not sure that they have ever noticed that there is a formula. I think this is disguised by the 2 or 3 more interesting things! Oh, and DD2 always gets a cuddly toy although at 13 i think she probably is too old (altohugh still loves them - maybe i will try one you can heat up this year).

Thanks for all the suggestions. There are quite a few i think DD2 would love . DD1 is more difficult. For example, she buys clothes in vintage shops so buying her anything to wear other than pjs and underwear is generally a no go.

Chimchar Thu 16-Nov-17 18:58:00

My 17 yo ds is cool too. Cool doesn’t come cheap!confused
Urban outfitters is fab as a pp said...take a look online and then shop around for the same stuff, although it’s better value when they have sales. Some of their books are brill...lots of journal type ones.

How about a little cactus plant each?
Enamel pins...millions to choose from depending on interest.
Ds has millions of old cameras so I buy film.
Posh pencils...palomino blackwing are expensive but nice.
TKmaxx had cool branded socks....converse, champion, Adidas etc
Fairy lights?
Scented candle?
Apple Music voucher

ihatethecold Thu 16-Nov-17 19:36:01

Imagine wrapping a cactus plant 😳

BeyondThePage Thu 16-Nov-17 19:42:07

Mine want experiences more than stuff... so we have booked a family VIP/meerkat experience at Longleat and the Dan and Phil tour at Cardiff.

CakeNinja Thu 16-Nov-17 21:04:28

My teen loves cacti, growing them and cactus related paraphernalia which is lucky as they have been everywhere recently.
In her stocking she will have some hollister creams, art supplies (brushes and acrylic paints), lush, room diffuser, some cute fairy lights from Oliver bonas (good for little bits), books, pens, kikki k curly gold paperclips and whatever else I find in there, jewellery, lego blockhead, some shorts and tshirt style jammies, topshop had some perfect ones last year - Disney villains, cactus cushion and other cactus things...
and whatever else will fit. I haven’t actually started yet 😂

mywayalltheway Thu 07-Dec-17 19:54:44

Have any of you bought CK underwear set (cropped top & knickers) if so what's the sizing like please, I don't know whether to order a small or medium for DD14, she is usually a 10 but does have quite a bum on her.

millimat Thu 07-Dec-17 22:30:36

I could go on forever buying things for DD aged 14, but she has an expensive hobby so nearly all her things are related to that. She would happily have all the home ideas from new look grin

Stickerrocks Thu 07-Dec-17 22:39:48

M&S Decorate your own biscuit and Decorate your own choc lolly sets
Tissue face masks
Mug cake kits or Mug cake recipe book
Make up brushes
Personalised jar of marmite (or Snowman Nutella if they hate Marmite)
Fluffy socks

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