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Looking for an unusual arty/photography calendar

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Justchillaxing Tue 14-Nov-17 19:22:31

Something with lovely arty photos maybe, something unusual .. has anyone seen one? One page per month, a box for each day, full page picc?

hashtagelfie Tue 14-Nov-17 19:37:59

Ooo following but I’m after the most boring calendar available. Think along the lines of goats in trees, mushroom clouds caused by atomic bombs, that kinda thing.

Ttbb Tue 14-Nov-17 19:40:26

Justchillaxing Tue 14-Nov-17 19:42:12

That's nice .. anything that's not black and white?

alphabetsoup24 Tue 14-Nov-17 19:54:06

There's a beautiful calendar I've bought, stunning photography, of our local area. Search glossopcalendar on Facebook. Doesn't matter if you are from here, it stands on its own merit. HTH.

domesticslattern Tue 14-Nov-17 20:06:29

National Geographic has some lovely ones.
Try here

Justchillaxing Wed 15-Nov-17 03:27:24

Lovely but not arty/unusual enough blush

Justchillaxing Sat 25-Nov-17 18:47:44

There must be places other than the usual calendarclub, Amazon etc that sell unusual calendars, but I can't find any that tick the boxes sad

nancy75 Sat 25-Nov-17 18:51:34

Can you find images & make your own?

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