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Suggestions for artistic 11 (nearly 12) year old please

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RedSkyAtNight Tue 14-Nov-17 12:52:58

DD has no clue what she wants for Christmas.
Other than "hanging out" with friends and spending too long on her phone, she does spend a lot of time sketching and doodling.

I can obviously buy her new (nice) sketch books as she goes through these at a rate of knots, but what else might she like? We are drowning in coloured pencils, but don't know if there are pens/other items that are a bit "special" she might like? Any ideas?

TheQueenOfWands Tue 14-Nov-17 12:53:40


And nice fine liners!!

scurryfunge Tue 14-Nov-17 12:54:35

Pyrography kit if she is sensible?

DullAndOld Tue 14-Nov-17 12:56:35

Watercolour box and paper
Pastels/oil pastels and paper

SoupDragon Tue 14-Nov-17 13:02:45

Not a pyrography set! I consider myself sensible but still managed to burn a curve into one finger tip blush
I had to re programme the finger print thing on my phone for a while... Of course, your DD might be more sensible than me smile

There are books about Zentangle which might be of interest to her. I'm sure I had one about doodling too... "The Art of the Doodle"

Littlestchristmastree Tue 14-Nov-17 13:07:13

Calligraphy set- there's tons of different pens out there she might love. What about a poleroid camera or if she has a phone a printer to print out photo stickers?

Bloopbleep Tue 14-Nov-17 13:29:33

Copic markers. Not cheap but last a while

Apple23 Tue 14-Nov-17 14:02:24

Canvas and paints, craft/ art/ sewing kits.

Try Hobbycraft or The Works.

Whatsthisabout Tue 14-Nov-17 14:07:18

What about a 3D pen?

JJBurnelsBass Thu 16-Nov-17 11:52:26

Graphics tablet?

DownTheChimney Thu 16-Nov-17 12:01:37

I'm getting this for my ds12, he wants to do animation when he's older:

PonderLand Thu 16-Nov-17 12:06:21

I used to love painting with inks, not sure how old i was though. Another favourite of mine was a mini projector thing that made it really easy to copy nice illustrations etc onto paper, no idea if they still do them?

Also i liked getting scrapbook kits etc, hobbycraft have some really nice ones but I'm sure there is cheaper options that are still as lovely quality, you could maybe get her a Polaroid camera to go with it? Crossstitch kits were good too.

user1485196412 Thu 16-Nov-17 12:10:45

My advice would be don't get any stuff aimed at children. Get her some real acrylic paints and some decent paper. Also maybe a nice palette of water colours and a set of 'proper' brushes in lots of different sizes. Maybe you could get her one of those big tool boxes with different layers to keep all her bits in- I would've loved that. Maybe a set of oil pastels. The Works would be a good place to explore for arty presents. At that age I loved having different types of paint / pastel / crayon to experiment with.

user1485196412 Thu 16-Nov-17 12:11:19

Ooh Ponderland, inks is a great idea.

user1485196412 Thu 16-Nov-17 12:12:01

A decent set of fine liners in different colours- the stabilo ones are amazing.

LadyDeadpool Thu 16-Nov-17 12:32:43

Gellyroll pens, copic markers, micron fine liners, more aimed towards the adult artist as they aren't cheap items but they produce far better results. Windsor and Newton inks - perhaps just an india ink to start and dip pen for lining. a light box for tracing out sketches for inking, watercolour paints - windsor and newton again or Kuretake Gansai Tambai and a decent set of brushes and of course a nice watercolour pad.

But not ever one of those "artist" sets as they tend to be the worst art supplies really cheap and awful and its a far better idea to invest in quality supplies as this age.

PaperdollCartoon Thu 16-Nov-17 12:35:00

Tombow Duel Tip Brush pens are amazing. Prismacolour coloured pencils are also amazing.
They will both blend which is something most pens and pencils don’t do well.

Titsywoo Thu 16-Nov-17 12:36:49

We got DD a Ugee graphics tablet which connects to her laptop. She loves it. It was £350 though!

NinonDeLenclos Thu 16-Nov-17 12:42:41

Pastels and acrylic paints, inks, charcoals, lino printing kit - so she can try out different mediums.

4forksake Thu 16-Nov-17 13:12:24

I'd go for a 3d pen or something like this

Zapdos Thu 16-Nov-17 13:24:57

A subscription to JAM

thenewaveragebear1983 Thu 16-Nov-17 13:28:55

Chameleon pens- I'm buying dd a set of the flesh tone ones (she's 14). They are quite pricey but very good apparently

RockinHippy Thu 16-Nov-17 15:29:13

A felting kit. Though I would say buy individual bits & make up a felting kit as opposed to buying a ready made kit. My creative daughter really got into felting at this age, she used it to make masks & “paintings” that she embroidered onto

nobutreally Thu 16-Nov-17 15:31:57

Lovely ideas on here! I would also add - rather tangentially, how about a sewing machine? Dd had one a year or so back, and whilst she doesn't use it regularly, I like the idea that some of her art leanings are more practical/contruction based.

Stuffofawesome Thu 16-Nov-17 15:32:43

linocut kit

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