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autumnkate Mon 13-Nov-17 13:11:08

Hi guys!

Has anyone got a recommendation for a good audio cd for 4/6 year olds? Don’t want David Walliams or Roald Dahl if I can avoid it.

Thank you!

CoffeeChocolateWine Mon 13-Nov-17 16:10:35

Last year I bought Tom Gates audio books for my then 7yo. He absolutely loves them and still listens to them most nights. My 5yo daughter loves them too and also listens most nights although I wouldn't have chosen them for her at her age, tbh.

They also have the Paddington audio books which are good although usually don't get much of a look in as they always want the Tom Gates ones!

Have a look on the Book People...a wide selection and reasonably cheap.

DubiousCredentials Mon 13-Nov-17 16:18:22

I’ve bought dd a James Herriot one after reading excellent reviews on Amazon. It’s called James Herriot's Treasury for Children: Warm and Joyful Animal Tales here.

autumnkate Mon 13-Nov-17 17:51:07

Thanks guys! I actually picked up that James Herriot one in a charity shop!

Any others?

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