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lovelyjubilly Mon 13-Nov-17 12:12:48

Having recently read Danny the Champion of the World, 6yo dd has decided that she would love to try roasted pheasant and I wondered about getting one for Christmas.
I've never even eaten pheasant, let alone prepared or cooked one. Any tips?

Bubblysqueak Mon 13-Nov-17 12:13:58

I would suggest either trying it before hand or doing it along side something else just In case no one likes it.

Scentofwater Mon 13-Nov-17 12:20:26

I loved pheasant Christmas dinners as a child for exactly that reason!

They are a game bird so watch out for shot (the little metal pellets). Sorry if you already know that. We have a competition to see who gets it.

They are smallish and bony birds but so tasty. They can be a bit dry, so baste well and make a good gravy, but not as dry as turkey.

Are you ordering from a butcher? Check what state it will be in and if they can prep it for you, or you might find you're handed a brace still in feather.

Scentofwater Mon 13-Nov-17 12:23:36

Also you may need several, 1 pheasant is only really enough for two people.

IWouldLikeToKnow Mon 13-Nov-17 12:24:45

I love pheasant but it really doesn’t feed too many. There is very little meat on it. So get a few or have back up

blanklook Mon 13-Nov-17 12:55:31

Definitely get one beforehand and cook it, it's gamey and may not be to everyone's taste.

The 'pellets' in it could be lead shot, so be very aware you can break teeth on them and don't swallow as lead is poisonous.

NoHaudinMaWheest Mon 13-Nov-17 13:07:29

At Christmas time it is possible to buy pheasants from several supermarkets and M&S. They are prepared and have cooking instructions so no more tricky than a chicken.

YorkieDorkie Mon 13-Nov-17 13:33:46

What about a 3 bird roast? That way there's a little to try and not too much if no one likes it.

goose1964 Mon 13-Nov-17 18:00:47

Also be aware that not all Pheasants are suitable for roasting, really you need to trust your supplier. If you can bend the breast bone it can be roasted, if not it's better casseroled or pot roasted

FairfaxAikman Mon 13-Nov-17 18:09:54

Check if it’s been hung and for how long. Needs to be hung for at least 3 days but no more than a week.

lovelyjubilly Mon 13-Nov-17 19:41:05

Ooh okay! This is more complicated than I anticipated confused

WreckTangled Mon 13-Nov-17 19:46:32

You need to find a game keeper grin my dad is a great one if you’re in the south. We always roast them upside down and covered in bacon to stop them drying out.

NovemberBlues Mon 13-Nov-17 22:30:30

It's not complicated op. Make sure you roast it beast down first for 20 mins then turn back up with bacon across breast to stop it drying out. I adore pheasant but one Xmas we had it abd sadly it was frozen and shite. Must have bread sauce and a deep gravy with port and red current jelly. I used to eat them like no tomorrow but have not had one for years! Thanks opp you have put them back on my radar. smile

NovemberBlues Mon 13-Nov-17 22:31:44

Waitrose usually do them pre prepared to get taste first?

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