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Booths Christmas food delivered?

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AWholeLottaRosie Sat 11-Nov-17 15:12:49

I’ve just been looking through the Booths Christmas food book and am wondering whether to put an order in.
We don’t actually live anywhere near a Booths but I understand they will still deliver nationally.

Has anyone used their Christmas delivery service? And is their food worth the money?
We do use them for a few groceries when on holiday in the Lakes but it’s basic things like bread, milk etc.

Nanasueathome Sat 11-Nov-17 15:15:56

I had Booths delivery last Christmas and have also ordered for this year
Food was excellent
I only had option of 22/23 December for delivery and chose 22nd
Food last year was delivered by courier and well packaged
I am in west midlands

Nanasueathome Sat 11-Nov-17 15:17:04

Just to pay at the time of I have already paid for my Christmas order

TheLesserWeevil Sat 11-Nov-17 15:21:12

Booths deliver nationally at Christmas? That's made my day smile

insancerre Sat 11-Nov-17 15:26:48

Their food is definitely worth it
I get our Christmas dinner there every year
Dh collects it as we live 10 minutes walk away

AWholeLottaRosie Sat 11-Nov-17 16:31:28

Thanks, I am so tempted smile
I think it was the fear of it not turning up that put me off, our nearest Booths is three hours away, but the cockerel crown looks amazing.

4forksake Sat 11-Nov-17 16:47:48

Ooh never knew they delivered! Has anyone had a delivery & are they reliable cos the earliest delivery date is 22nd (with xpd delivery who I've never heard of) but don't know if I'd trust them to do the whole shop?!

Nanasueathome Sat 11-Nov-17 16:48:54

My delivery last year was spot on..hence I have ordered from them again this year

4forksake Sat 11-Nov-17 16:53:46

Great. Have everything in stock as you'd paid in advance? No crazy substitutes?

4forksake Sat 11-Nov-17 16:56:13

Sorry meant was everything in stock? confused

NoWordForFluffy Sat 11-Nov-17 16:57:09

If you pre-order then you'll get everything you order as they'll make sure they've enough to fulfil the orders. It's not like being at the mercy of whatever's on the shelf at the supermarket.

4forksake Sat 11-Nov-17 17:25:16

Perfect, thanks

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