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Present for a 14 yo boy I've never met

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neonrose Sat 11-Nov-17 11:00:36

I'm making a hamper to donate through a local charity, primarily food but including a small gift for each member of the family. I'm sorted for the younger kids and mum but a bit stuck for the teenage boy. I've not had loads to do with teenage boys in recent years but the ones I know (children of friends) are all pretty different in their likes and dislikes. I'm struggling to come up with something universally suitable/liked. I really want it to be a nice gift. The only idea I've come up with so far is a hat, but this seems a bit boring and I'd be unsure which brand to buy.

Any suggestions?

There's also the dad of the family left to buy for, but the boy is my main concern.

Helpotron3000 Sat 11-Nov-17 11:26:39

What's your price range? I know that Hype hats are pretty fashionable among teenage boys, and ASOS does some Hype beanies at £12

Gammeldragz Sat 11-Nov-17 11:31:08

I bought my 14yo nephew a pair of earphones for his phone

SlickBubbles Sat 11-Nov-17 11:32:04

Headphones/earphones would be a good one.

Leeds2 Sat 11-Nov-17 15:39:34

I saw wash bags in Tesco this afternoon, filled with Lynx stuff. Think they were £4.30ish.
Giant sized bar of chocolate would probably go down well too!

neonrose Sat 11-Nov-17 15:55:02

I thought about headphone/earphones, but the hamper is for a family who are in some sort of poverty so I don't like to assume he would have something to use then with - which could make for a really disappointing present!

There'll definitely be plenty of chocolate and treats in the hamper.
Maybe it would be a good idea to include something as part of the individual gifts as well though.

So do teenage boys still use lynx?

Budget, £15-20 I think.

eyebrowsonfleek Sat 11-Nov-17 16:43:33

Teen boys generally use Lynx

Supermarkets/B&M etc stockmAmerican chocolates and sweets. A hamper of them will go down well.

eyebrowsonfleek Sat 11-Nov-17 16:44:50

You can get touchscreen gloves very cheaply. (Black is the safest colour to go for.)

NancyJoan Sat 11-Nov-17 16:47:40

Gloves and a Starbucks voucher.

lovewatchingrainfall Sat 11-Nov-17 16:59:19

Lego: you can get micro lego: or a book something like world records.
I tend to avoid smelly stuff because you don’t know if they have an allergy.

Chocolatecake12 Sat 11-Nov-17 17:03:18

WHat a lovely idea and teenage boys being difficult to buy for often get forgotten or overlooked for this sort of thing.
Lynx can be expensive to buy so not something a family in poverty could generally stretch to so that’s one idea.
Also hype hat as pp suggested.
Those fidget spinners although generally for younger kids could be an idea too!
Torch? Multi tool? Key ring? Hair gel?

HolyShet Sat 11-Nov-17 17:10:32

Cinema or starbucks vouchers
Hilarious novelty socks

HolyShet Sat 11-Nov-17 17:11:05

Lynx is good idea too though

RaininSummer Sat 11-Nov-17 17:12:40

Amazon voucher so he can buy himself something.

Dobbyandme Sat 11-Nov-17 17:24:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Avebury Sat 11-Nov-17 17:58:46

Honestly if finances are tight a voucher he can buy something for himself with would be the best present ever.
Too hard to second guess a teenager you don’t know so I’d go for an Amazon voucher - or maybe a high st voucher in case internet access is an issue - and then just a really little something like some touch screen gloves or a silly thing like bean boozled or a comedy book to go with it as ‘something to open’
Can I️ ask if you are doing this through a charity as I️ would love to do something like this.
I️ usually do the crisis gift list or met police one but this sounds much more personal.

pinkingshears Sat 11-Nov-17 18:10:11

I just wanted to say: what a nice thing to do.

hmmwhatatodo Sat 11-Nov-17 23:35:24

Don’t get Lego, he might not be into it.

building2017 Sun 12-Nov-17 08:07:06

Amazon voucher. If he definitely had a phone I would say voucher for Google Play or iTunes but if not Amazon voucher. They all want cash at that age.

Dancinggoat Sun 12-Nov-17 08:17:11

High street voucher it’s a double present. Feel great when opening it and feel great buying something with it.
A family game Dobble is a great fun if you want to put something in they can do together. Took it on holiday infuriating and fun all rolled into one. Plus it comes in a small tin.
Definitely NOT a geometry set that would cause huge disappointment to almost all teens.

LynetteScavo Sun 12-Nov-17 11:34:33

Definitely no geometry set!

Lynx is always good as they don't actually spray it on themselves, but their clothes as done sort of protective layer from the cold.

An Adidas t-shirt would probably go down well.

Brokenbiscuit Sun 12-Nov-17 11:37:04

That's a lovely thing to do, OP.

MrsMotherHen Sun 12-Nov-17 11:42:33

I would say a nice branded t shirt. Like addidas or nike.

KitKat1985 Sun 12-Nov-17 12:40:19

I'd say a voucher of some sort, maybe with some chocs or lynx to go with it?

Failing that clothes may be tricky unless you know what size he is, but I agree that a branded backpack or hat would probably go down well.

DownHereInTheHorridHouse Sun 12-Nov-17 13:21:01

Won't the voucher be more likely to go back into the family 'pot' though? He might feel guilty to spend it on himself - I would always give cash or vouchers at this age, but I think this is one situation when I probably wouldn't.

Brands are so hit and miss too - one school can be all Superdry for example, and the one down the road might think it's the worst thing in the world. So, that's a minefield too.

I think toiletries/aftershave/sweets/plain scarf and gloves are the best idea OP.

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