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Luvabella - what age range? Best for 2.5yo or 6.5yo dd?

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Tankerdale Wed 08-Nov-17 20:13:03

My DH has been in the US this week and has managed to pick up a Luvabella doll - I'd been looking at them here for dd aged 6 but they're all sold out.
There was only one left so unfortunately he couldn't get one each for both of them.

Just trying to decide whether it will be a more suitable present for my dd ages 6.5 or the youngest aged 2.5

Dd(6) doesn't play will dolls that much anymore but obviously this is not just a normal doll and I think she would like the interaction.

Dd(2) likes playing with dolls but worried she wouldn't really appreciate it and might throw it across the room!

Any thoughts?

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