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Is there ANYWHERE both reasonable and nice to ice skate?

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VodkaPenne Wed 08-Nov-17 18:07:38

I have been to Sommerset House before a few years ago and it was pretty, but despite them advertising from £7.50 or whatever, it's £17 when you actually come to book (on a weekday...).

The Natural History Museum always looks a bit rubbish whenever I go past it. People going round in a circle, slowly.

We tried York once too, and that was utterly crap and overpriced as well.

Both my children can ice skate. They have their own boots. Why, why, why can I pay 5 euros each for them in a European city centre for them (not necessarily colder than the UK either) to have a lovely skating experience, and yet I can't recreate that for them in the UK?

Does anyone have any ideas of better places?

VivaLeBeaver Wed 08-Nov-17 18:14:38

No idea if it's good but I'm taking dd to an outdoor rink in Birmingham centre later this month.

Caulk Wed 08-Nov-17 18:21:58

the one in birmongham is okay, but it’s been moved so it’s further away from basically everything else. Pretty cheap though.

There’s a garden centre near Droitwich called Webbs of Wychbold and that has a good one but not sure of cost.

Caulk Wed 08-Nov-17 18:22:12


VodkaPenne Wed 08-Nov-17 18:57:09

🙈🙈🙈 I went to Birmingham last year and it really wasn’t anything special 😮

Unless it’s moving venue this year, that would be a no too. My kids wouldn’t even skate as we did the wheel thing next to it last Christmas and they looked down and didn’t fancy it 🙈

Caulk Wed 08-Nov-17 19:05:31

It IS moving venue...

Glumglowworm Wed 08-Nov-17 22:06:27

Honestly, I'd rather just skate at my local rink than the Christmas open air one. I do love the Christmas music and all the stalls and atmosphere. But for actually skating I'd prefer my local rink. I still think that's too crowded, but then I used to get up and be on the ice at 5.45am at one point though so I'm stupid like that

VodkaPenne Thu 09-Nov-17 19:19:56

Ah, been reading about Birmingham. It’s moved sites, but it’s the same company that did it before and all they are doing differently is putting a roof over the rink 😩

I shall carry on looking. Off to search the other one mentioned above.

If I find anything, I’ll give it a huge recommendation as it’s such a nice Christmassy thing to do.

VodkaPenne Thu 09-Nov-17 19:22:04

@Glumglowworm I shall also look up the snowdomes for indoor skating.

Where my little ones skates is a tiny rink. It’s fine for lessons but I wanted her to skate in the pretty outdoors somewhere ❄️ It may have to be Salzburg!

ChippyMinton Thu 09-Nov-17 20:23:46

Winter Wonderland
Hampton Court

Iggi999 Thu 09-Nov-17 21:30:37


Paddingtonthebear Sun 12-Nov-17 07:39:35

Bournemouth has an open air Christmas rink

Jenijena Sun 12-Nov-17 07:41:22

Southampton has one for the first time this year; it’s in a new development between the old walls and the new eating places. Looks bigger than the Winchester one (which is the only one I can compare it with)

goose1964 Sun 12-Nov-17 07:50:06

Our small town will have one on 1st December, it's £4 for half an hour

EdithWeston Sun 12-Nov-17 08:00:30

Fancy a trip out of London?

You can skate in a church in Grantham (train from Kings Cross)

Hellywelly10 Sun 12-Nov-17 10:29:24

Streatham ice rink? Indoor and not Christmasy

majormoo Sun 12-Nov-17 12:07:14

Brighton Pavilion is pretty but not particularly cheap.

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