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Christmas me please!

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Tiredmummyof3 Wed 08-Nov-17 10:03:20

Hi, first of all I'm very new to all this so apologies if I don't get it right on my first post! I love reading all your posts and thought you may be able to help me....

We are holding a family party at ours over the Christmas period and Ive worked out there will be 18 of us! 😳
I'm looking for easy buffet ideas and any ideas for games we can play please! Trying to get organised and feel with 18 people I need to have 'a plan' so that's its not the adults just drinking and chatting and the kids charging about!
Thank you!

Ricekrispie22 Thu 09-Nov-17 06:34:52

We always play some light-hearted games for both adults and kids to join in with.

Strawberry shoe lace race: competitors put one end of a strawberry shoelace between their lips and then put their hands behind their back. Somebody else shouts go and all competitors race to get the shoelace into their mouth without using their hands.
After Eight race: similar to the shoelace race but start with an after eight on your forehead.
Paper bag pick up: Your prop is one paper bag in the centre of the room, opened up full and standing up. Get the competitors to stand around the bag in a circle. The aim of the game is to pick up the bag without using their hands, arms, feet etc and without kneeling down (ie they have to pick up the bag in their mouth by leaning forwards). Each person gets one attempt otherwise they're out of the game. Each time you've gone round the circle, fold the paper bag over one fold (making it smaller) and then repeat the process. The winner is the one who lasts the longest! This game can be adapted for those who are differently abled (put on a table for example).
(This game was also done with a cereal box and 1cm / 1 inch cut off each time you go round the circle).

We also had a jigsaw on a table next to the buffet for the adults to dip in and out of as they wish.
I did a treasure hunt in the garden with chocolate coins for the kids. I also got a giant colouring-in table cloth from a company called Eggnog which kept about 5 of them occupied for quite a while.

For the food, I try to stick to cold because I'm hopeless with timing everything to be warm at the same time and would likely leave someone smoldering in the oven. A big platter of sliced ham and chipolatas, a large cheese board, fancy crackers, tear and share bread, pickles, chutneys, coleslaw, quiche and salad. If this won't satisfy the kids, perhaps do a couple of pizzas for them!

Tiredmummyof3 Thu 09-Nov-17 10:00:27

Thank you for your reply @rice The games are great thanks! We've played the after eight one before, never thought of doing it with the shoelaces too....great idea!
Same wavelength with the buffet! It's much easier to eat cold food whilst standing or sitting on the sofa! Thanks!

Roussette Thu 09-Nov-17 10:12:48

Cook a salmon maybe? They really reduce the price near Christmas and I always find everyone loves it! Ask them to prepare a whole one (take off head and gut) and then wrap it in buttered foil after adding fresh herabs, lemon slices and a dash of white wine to keep it moist.

Leave to cool in the foil and then the skin just peels off. Decorate with very thin cucumber slices. Looks amazing!

I have heard that people cook their salmon in the dishawasher and it's succulent, never tried it....

I'd have the salmon with ham, various salads (homemade vietnamese coleslaw, roasted vegetable couscous, etc) and roasted new potatoes, garlic bread, dips and crisps etc.

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